I lead a colourful life

I thought middle-aged dating was supposed to be a sedate affair, but DD had me up until all hours last night. I’m totally knackered this morning.

I know what you’re thinking … yesterday she talked about sex in a ladies loo, today she goes on about being kept up all night … She’s leading us down the garden path with her innuendos …

Well, yes and no.

But let’s stick to the PG stuff …  DD and I wandered arm in arm around Vivid Sydney 2016 last night.

It was totally gorgeous.

We kicked off the night with burgers and prosecco at Cargo Bar. Afterwards, as we wandered along the waterfront, a bloke with a water taxi offered us a 20-minute tour by water of the lights for $15 each.

If it hadn’t been for DD, I’d have said “No thanks, mate” – I’m not spontaneous like that. But DD is spontaneous like that, bless him. So we climbed into the water taxi and had a lovely time sitting at the prow of the boat as it cut through the glittering water, admiring The Opera House and Harbour Bridge up close.

It was getting pretty late when we exited the taxi, but DD is going overseas for work on Sunday and isn’t sure he’ll get another chance to see the lights. He had his heart on walking through the Cathedral of Light in the Botanic Gardens, so we wandered over there, with a quick skip up the stairs of The Opera House. Even after 10pm at night that glowing tunnel was still heaving with people!

I feel a little guilty spamming you with photos, because every man and his dog is flooding social media with them, but I can’t resist sharing my favourites. Also, I’m a little blurry from lack of sleep so I’m not really up to writing much.

Have you been or are you going to Vivid? I’m heading there at least twice more with friends and family – I can’t wait. 



4 thoughts on “I lead a colourful life

  1. U werent tempted to do the rolling down the opera house stairs kissing like the scene from that bloody awesum 80s movie ‘starstruck’??
    That 1 in the botanic gardens looks good!!

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