Family time at the Sydney Royal Easter Show

Is it two or three years since I separated from my ex?

It’s freaky that I can’t remember.

I think it must be three because I’m pretty sure this is the third time we’ve made our annual post-separation family pilgrimage to the Sydney Royal Easter Show.

I’m not sure why I was dreading it more than usual this year.

Our break up was pretty fresh the first year. I was obsessed with being on my best behaviour, I suspect in the ridiculous hope he’d realise I was totally awesome and change his mind about leaving me.

Nah. He’d completely moved on already.

Now it’s like going to the Show with my brother or something, it’s very laid back.

So, while I was feeling blerg about the idea of going to the show en famille, the reality was quite fun.

My nephew joined us on our co-parenting adventure while his dad and his wife did CWA scone duty. The youngest totally adores my nephew so she was beyond stoked.

We didn’t go on a single ride. Our day was all about the animals … and a hideous showbag pavilion excursion right at the end.

Freaking hate that pavilion. So much plastic crap and disgusting Chinese candy. AND the eldest bought two soft toys – the last thing she needs – one of which was ET.


Anways, here are some snaps of our bulk fun day …

The youngest’s last words as we exited the Show were: “Can we come back next year?!?”

Yeah … probably.

Though a lot can happen in a year.

Song of the day: Queen “The show must go on”



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