Celebrating with my baby

The youngest has hit double digits!

She turns 10 today … wow, where have the years gone?

She didn’t want a party this year, just a little celebration with her two best friends.

So no crazy themes and party food ideas from me.

We settled on high tea at Mosman’s Boronia House last Sunday. She insisted it be kept top secret so her friends would get a surprise.

She fell in love with the idea after going there a few years ago for a friend’s birthday … in a stretch limo, no less. She’s never forgotten the excitement, which is strange because her brain is quite goldfishy when it comes to memories.

A stretch limo was out of my budget, but I managed to score her a blue convertible for the day instead.

Her dad collected it from an airport car hire place (after cooling his heels for an hour when it wasn’t ready on time) and picked up her two besties. Noice!

Unfortunately, it started POURING with rain almost immediately, but they managed to arrive at the venue with the top down.

(The next 18 hours of convertible hire were a total, stormy blow out. Sigh.)

Venues usually require an adult to be present at kids’ high teas, but the folk at Boronia House were kind enough to let me sit in a corner, as having me perched at the table with the girls would have spoilt all their fun.

The kids were so well-behaved, they had a nearby table of middle-aged women fascinated.

The women told me they couldn’t believe how composed the kids were, like high tea was something they did every Sunday.

The girls held it together for about 90 minutes, but I decided it was time to evacuate when they stared mixing every liquid at the table into a mud bath in a teacup.


Anyways, happy birthday my beautiful Pook! You make me laugh every day and I love you to bits.

As for the Pook’s birthday present, she only wanted one thing: to get her ears pierced. I was very impressed by her bravery, she didn’t even flinch when the gun went in. She’s VERY proud of the results and ran me ragged on Saturday to find the perfect pair of blue rhinestone earrings for when she can ditch the sleepers.

Here are some happy snaps from her birthday celebration …




10 thoughts on “Celebrating with my baby

  1. That’s a birthday she’s never going to forget. How grown up – a convertible, high tea and having her ears pierced. It’s befitting her arrival into double digits.

  2. Happy birthday to your baby. Did you know it’s only us and the Dutch that do fairy bread? How weird is that?

  3. Happy birthday to your littlest – definitely a great way to celebrate turning 10. I love their high tea – having never done high-tea I am totally fascinated at all the goodies they serve..
    Have the best day !

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