The wrong sort of hottie

It’s sooooo hot at my house this week, I can barely think or move. I definitely can’t clean (well, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it).

I’m talking weather hot. Not raunchy hot.


Although there’s been also been lots of chatter among my cyber friends about fake hotties of the raunchy variety.

Kerrie Sackville posted this Facebook update …


And talk turned during one of my Skype group chats yesterday to the scammers who lurk there.

I get sent contact requests from US army generals on a daily basis … aka Nigerian con artists

How gullible do they think I am? Surely it’s not a viable business for them?

Mind you, everyone seems to have a story about someone who WAS that gullible.

One friend has an aunty who fell for a bloke on Skype and his dodgy story about needing money for his son’s operation. Eventually the normal money transfer places started to refuse to send her dosh to him cause they knew it was a con. So she found some Indian blokes in a corner store who’d do it. Thankfully she’s finally seen the light.

Another said: “Back on the early 90s my mum first discovered chat rooms she was chatting to this one guy a lot who was telling her he was a model. She was so naive! One day we were driving in Melbourne and passed. Giant billboard in St Kilda. She points up to it and says “THATS HIM!” It was actually some super famous celebrity she had never heard of.

“I got online that night and had a chat with this guy. He was barely literate. I told him he was a fraud. He immediately deleted his account. Mum says he came back to her the next day with a different name and profile pic and tried to befriend her again.”

Oh and another had a Skype friend request about five weeks ago from some random whose profile pic was a dick shot.


Not a con artist, but in the same skanky category.

I remember during my brief adventure on RSVP that there were lots of fake profile pics there. I could tell they were fake because while the bloke’s head shot remained the same, his personal details and location kept changing.

Not even the con artists were tempted by my very real and very pathetic RSVP profile.

DD says he only contacted me because he felt sorry for me.

Now there’s a story for the grandkids.

Have you ever been conned?



One thought on “The wrong sort of hottie

  1. He felt sorry for you? Cheeky bugger. In my very brief flirtation with a dating site I saw a profile picture which was one of those romantic glamour shots of a couple naked from the waist up with the guy’s muscly arms shielding the woman’s boobs but her face had been blurred out. Laughed my head off.

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