Why can’t I remember?


The eldest interviewed me last night for a school project.

She asked me curly questions like “What’s your favourite book and why?” and “What do you think is the biggest problem facing Australia today?”

I spent most of the interview looking blank and saying “ummmmm” a lot.

It occurred to me that I know the name and author of my favourite book – Babel Tower by A.S Byatt – but I can’t remember why.

All I remember is reading the book in my late 20s and finding it incredibly complex and compelling. But I have no idea why.

I was so blown away that I went on to voraciously consume every word A.S Byatt had ever written in book form.

I can’t remember any of her other books either.

Then I moved onto her sister, Margaret Drabble, and read every book she’d ever written too.

Don’t bother asking me what they were about either, I have no bloody idea. Brain like Swiss cheese.

I’m a little sad after having a chat to my mate Google about the sisters and discovering they are at war.

Their estrangement goes back to childhood and is rooted in their deeply competitive natures. Even now, in their 70s, they’re still at it.

Oddly enough my daughter also asked a question about my relationship with my sister and the influence she’d had on my life.

I told her friends come and go, but sisters are forever.

I’m hoping she remembers that next time she wants to kill her sibling. They REALLY get on each other’s goat sometimes.

It was really confronting trying to decide what I thought was the biggest problem facing Australia today. I got anxious just thinking about it: refugees, racism, marriage equality, needing a good leader …

“What about global warming?” The eldest asked.

Oooooooh, that too!

But eventually I settled on terrorism. Terrorism really, really sucks.

Of course, all the other stuff is really bad too.

What would you have answered?

There’s nothing I can do about terrorism, but I really should read Babel Tower again.

God knows when … My life feels like it’s permanently stuck on the fast forward button.

Song of the day: Elvis Costello “Veronica”


2 thoughts on “Why can’t I remember?

  1. Greed mixed with lack of compassion and empathy. Leads to all the other problems, including climate change and terrorism.

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