Where will I end up?


You know how the eldest interviewed me on Friday for a school project?

Well, I forgot to tell you one of her curly questions: “If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?”

I had absolutely NO idea what to say.

How could I not know the answer to that one?

Once upon a time I’d have said Hawaii or New York, just to be fancy. I mean, it doesn’t sound very glamorous to say your life ambition is to live in Newcastle.

As I stood there in the kitchen chopping vegetables for dinner and looking deeply perplexed, the eldest suggested: “Queensland?”


“The beach,” I eventually replied.

But that was too vague for her, so I started agonising over WHICH beach.

The northern Beaches of Sydney are lovely and they’d mean I would still be close to the kids when they go to university.

But they’re not really my dream (though I am becoming increasingly fond of them).

Is it Merewether, then?

I dunno. I just fantasise about a place that looks out over the ocean, is walking distance to cafes and restaurants and not to far from the kids.

Oh, and it would be nice to have a cleaner in the equation. I really, really hate cleaning.

I spent yesterday half-heartedly vacuuming and scrubbing the not-my-dream house, prompting the youngest to announce “What’s that smell?” in a fashion that implied she’d rarely had a whiff of White King in her life before.

The dream is a long, long way off. My priority right now is to get two kids through high school. The fantasy move is at least eight years away.

In the meantime, I scribble and scheme and plot ways to make my current abode more dreamy.

A frangipani tree in the backyard, French doors, a breezy deck …

Those things are probably a long way off too, but if I plan them, maybe they will come.

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?

Song of the day: Jack Johnson “Home”


9 thoughts on “Where will I end up?

  1. I found an email I sent to my mum (who is recovering from a double knee replacement) with a long list of little jobs like painting furniture, up cycling the trampoline, changing the front door area, that I asked them come and help me fix them all up. This is the house I brought all the kids home to but I don’t think it’s my dream home. Like you our twins are in yr5 so it’s 8yrs and we can find our dream which will likely be on the South Coast close to the water near my parents (or with). Ahhhh 8yrs and no more school fees we might be able to afford our dream house lol!

      • My mum’s dr did Mum’s at the same time! He said that he was worried she wouldn’t go back for the second one. In saying that she is doing really well 4 weeks down tomorrow. Hopefully we will get that dream (and in the meantime can maybe meet up in real life) and survive the next 8yrs (though listening to the girls near kill each other about cleaning up their room this morning surviving feels a long way off lol!)

  2. A long time ago on my blog I wrote that my dream was to live high on a cold, rainy mountain with a Chihuahua farm. It’s been a self-fulfilled philosophy really that I’ve ended up where I am. My sister is like you and wants to live near the beach. When I was younger I wanted to live right in the middle of a big city (which I did when I lived in Paddington, Sydney) and the thought of living in such a quiet peaceful place as this would have seemed very depressing. I think one Chihuahua is enough for the moment though. He’s a handful.

  3. I’m with you, Alana! Top of Newcastle East, looking across to Newcastle Beach on the right and Knobby’s on the left…perfect!
    Oh, and my Mum had her knee replacement three weeks ago in the hospital at Gateshead(?). She’s having a challenging recovery but will be going home next week.
    Pinky, where are you now? 🤔

    • Ooooh yeah, sexy talk (top of Newcastle East, not knee replacements …). Pinky has moved to southern Queensland and is rebooting her blog on Easter Sunday.

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