Super Bowl 2016 selfies (can’t believe I was there-ish)

When I revealed on Instagram last week that I was in San Francisco, people presumed I’d planned to be there for Super Bowl.

So. Not.


The place was crawling with fans. We couldn’t even get a ride on one of the famous cable cars, the queues were about 30 minutes long. Boo hiss.

It’s been weird trawling through my Instagram feed and seeing all the celebs posting about the game. I can’t quite believe I was THERE 48 hours ago. Freaky.

Fun fact: Jay Z sent Beyoncé 10,000 roses ahead of her Super Bowl 50 halftime performance on Sunday, February 7, a source tells Us Weekly.

Awwww, celebs, they’re just like us.

And Gwyneth Paltrow’s daughter Apple went to the game with Beyonce’s daughter Blue Ivy.


People magazine notes: “Anyway, it makes sense that Blue Ivy and Apple would be hanging out together, and not just because they’re both named after plant matter. See, both of their parents are performing at the Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show, and because Paltrow and Coldplay’s Chris Martin are ultra-progressive in their conscious uncoupling, Gwyneth is at the game supporting him.”

The award for creepiest Super Bowl ad (which cost Mountain Dew $7million to run during the show) goes to “Puppy Monkey Baby” …

I’m also trying not to think about people eating sausage dogs while watching this one from Heinz …

As for my San Fran adventure, that will have to wait until another time. It was at the end of the holiday, and I haven’t told you about the start yet. Spoilers!

In the meantime, here are some snaps from the stars.

4 thoughts on “Super Bowl 2016 selfies (can’t believe I was there-ish)

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  1. I just clicked because you had a Rob Lowe pic!!! I so love him!!!! Still after 3 kids (yes I am well aware he also has three and a GORGEOUS wife!) and mostly happily marriage I still dream of you know hooking up with Rob! Because it’s like totes going to happen you know, we totes hang in the same circles bahahaha I even crack myself up! I think I have missed a week of my life I didn’t even know you had left the country! I did however miss you online, I was seriously about to ask you where you were and how you were going and bam you pop back up in my feed!

  2. “Puppymonkeybaby”….aaaargh, my eyes, my eyes! 😳
    I LOVED San Francisco! I could happily live there. I still have the little house figurines from there, in my display cabinet. Those weatherboard houses are stunning to look at!

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