Happy anniversary to me!


A year ago this week, I got the deeds to my seventh property, the first one with just my name on the title.

It was a bittersweet day.

I was excited to have something that was all my own, to decorate however I pleased, renovate how I choose.

But it was also a stark reminder that I was on my own in the big, bad world. Everything that went right or wrong would be my responsibility.

I can remember worrying that I wouldn’t like the house when I saw it again, that it wouldn’t feel like home. It was just a modest, little thing, on a busy road, with ochre-sponged walls.

But I soon loved it far more than my previous, fancier home.

It’s also fallen a bit to rack and ruin over the past 12 months. Maintaining it on my own while working has been a bit beyond me. I have trouble finding time to mop the floor, let alone weed the garden.

I’ve put out a few feelers for a gardener to do it for me, especially now I’m working full-time.

I’ve also been madly scribbling renovation plans on bits of photocopying paper, for that moment when I win the lottery. I’m not quite sure how I’ll win the lottery since I haven’t bought a ticket in months, but anyways …

This is the plan I have in mind for turning my house into a fancy-pants four-bedroom-plus-study glamour abode …

FullSizeRender (87)

The only extensions are to enclose the back undercover area as a kitchen/dining room, add the deck and build a carport/garage (since the current garage will become another bedroom). The rest of it is within the existing walls.

I’m very excited about my scribbled plan, I reckon it’s a good-un. There would be flasher ways to do it, but I don’t want to over-capitalise.

I’m thinking about getting some extra dosh on my mortage so I can do a few bits and pieces. DD reckons I should go for a new bathroom, but where’s the fun in that? The kids and I are perfectly happy with the crappy old one.

I’ve decided the thing that would give me the most pleasure is doing up the backyard and building the back deck.

So if my health problems abate and life starts to run a bit more smoothly, I’m going to get a few quotes in the new year.

If I don’t go ahead, I still love my little house. It’s been the perfect bolt-hole post-separation. It cocoons me when I’m alone, and has such a happy vibe when my daughters are here to share it with me.

If you could do a bit of renovating around your place, what would be the first thing on your list? 

Song of the day: Madness “Our house”



4 thoughts on “Happy anniversary to me!

  1. The bloody pergola, which I have wanted since we moved in over 10 years ago, to stop the back becoming an oven every Summer.

  2. Oh boy Alana that looks awesome! We have been in our house for 14 years now (we moved in 6weeks before our son came 9wks early!) and it was only last year that we finally did something to our house (well something big and financial) we built the deck across the back of the house and enclosed the old tiny back door area luckily it was a solid concrete floor which meant we could turn it into a bathroom/laundry. So we have two loos and two showers which is very important given the prior arrangement was a loo and bathroom combo so it was often difficult when 5 ppl needed to use the loo or shower! My next dream would be to do something with the kitchen though we have at least changed the bench top I will have to find you a pic we had matching floor tiles and bench tops!! Lastly, I would love to upgrade the original bathroom. All of this would be wonderful but we still would only have a 3 bedroom house luckily my twins are so close they are ok sharing a room (they have a bunk with double bed and they actually share the double bed!) for now at least.

    I would go the outdoor as well it will add the most to your life xoxo

    • Luckily we have two toilets. I agree it would be a bit hellish otherwise. The previous owners enclosed the back verandah to be a living room. The roof is a bit low, but I reckon it’s my favourite room in the house. Would love to see your kitchen.

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