Little mongrel bastards

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Yesterday, one of my fur babies got his paws on a letter I’d received and gaily ran into the yard to tear it to shreds. As I chased after him I skidded to a halt behind the trampoline and gaped.

Those rat cunning little bastards have extensively excavated the lawn behind the trampoline.

I hadn’t noticed because the holes have been carefully dug exactly behind the Springfree so they can’t be seen from the house.

I was NOT happy about the discovery.

The above photograph doesn’t quite show the true horror of it. There are little ditches EVERYWHERE.

And I’m wondering what you do about little furry bastards who excavate your lawn … other than euthanise them.

I’ve already toyed with the idea and decided it would upset the children too much.

So, what’s my plan B?

Can doggie trainers sort it out? Is there some sort of bitter spray for the grass like you get for fingernail biters?

What do I do???

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  1. There’s a mesh you can put down that the grass grows up through and they can’t dig up. It was on Better Homes and Gardens and you can probably get it from Bunnings. I’d be furious too. I was woken up at 5 this morning because the battery went flat on someone’s barking collar. Fudging little bastard mongrels alright!

  2. Alana

    put the chicken wire down that will enable the grass to grow back and stop the dogs from digging.

    I am pretty sure a dog trainer (or Dr Harry) would tell you that the digging is a sign of boredom. Try a kong (it’s a brand that is pricey but cheaper than re-turfing the yard lol there are prob cheaper options) toy. You get a ball or something like that it has noise in it and you stuff food in it and they chase it around the yard to keep them occupied while you are not home.

    Alternatively (again costly but prob cheaper than regular re-turfing!) get a dog walker or uni student after some quick cash to come in every day for an hr or so to play with the dogs to help with the boredom.

    Holes are very annoying but on the upside if you couldn’t see them neither will visitors lol and it could be worse they could sit and bark all day long out of boredom! I actually worry what my dogs will be like should I ever leave the house on a regular basis again they appear to be very comfortable having me home.

    Cathy xoxo

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