Give me a break, Mother Nature!


Gawd it was freaking hot yesterday … and it’s gonna to be even hotter today.

The temperature in Sydney is predicted to hit 39. Heaven rescue us all from hell!

Everyone is moaning about the unseasonable nature of the weather, but it was exactly the same this time last year. I know because I was hosting the eldest’s 11th birthday party and serving the kids warm, liquified jelly and collapsing sandcastle cake. We celebrated/sweltered at a harbourside pool and fortunately the stifling temperatures didn’t seem to bother the guests in the slightest.

This year, the heatwave ends the night before the pool party, with the temperature predicted to plummet 17 degrees overnight, so the guests will be shivering instead.

Talk about going from one extreme to another.

We’re holding the soiree at my sister’s schmicko place this year, bless her. (She’ll be working at her new business – Choices Flooring at St Leonards – and I’ve promised the place will be spotless when she returns.)

Fortunately she has a lovely gas-heated spa for everyone to sit and sip their mocktails.

Stand-by for party pics on Sunday.

But don’t expect much … I’ve been too swoony to slave over a hot stove.

I’m keeping things ultra-simple … for me … the cake is a doddle and everything else simply involves opening packets and bottles, tipping and pouring.

I’ve tasked my ex with providing the entertainment and requested he prep games with a Doctor Who theme (as its a Doctor Who Luau). He looked a little nervous when I asked him how it was all going on Wednesday night.

Tonight is a family celebration … also at my sister’s pool. Her husband is barbecuing and the rest of us will be blowing up pool toys in between sips of champers (well, sparkling apple juice for the young uns).

Today will be spent dreaming about floating in her lovely pool. Wine ‘o’ clock on her deck can’t come soon enough.

So. Damn. Hot.

What’s the weather like round your way?

Song of the day: The Power Station “Some like it hot”






13 thoughts on “Give me a break, Mother Nature!

  1. We had the most incredible thunder and lightning storm at about 1am this morning, followed by a downpour for I’m not sure how long! Went back to sleep listening to the rain, feeling nice and cosy.
    Awoke this morning to news that a car dump in the North was on fire, caused by a lightning strike, and they were about to commence water bombing because it was that big…chaos in Craigieburn (ironic, no?).
    Melbourne weather has been hot, around 30 degrees, but with intermittent cool changes. Weird weather but, like you Alana, I recall similar conditions last year, at this time.

  2. Sounds like such a fun celebration for your eldest. A Doctor Who Luau is brilliant. Why don’t you compile a party book of different party themes and ideas for them – you have really great ideas. Stay cool!

  3. I hear you our eldest is 26/11 the weather for his birthday has every year been two extremes it’s either freezing cold or hellfire hot!

    • Well, I tried to make Doctor Who fudge over a hot stove – total disaster. I’ve had to turn it into timey wimey fudgey wudgey stuff in little tubs for the eldest to take to school in lieu of birthday cupcakes.

  4. Sounds like it’s all under control !! Good luck with whatever the weather decides to do. It was 30deg here last night at 7.30 when I was on my way home from training. I can see me staying inside the whole weekend with the aircon on now that we don’t have a pool anymore.
    Today I’m dreaming about an hour in a float tank this afternoon – hopefully I will enjoy the experience otherwise I’m going to be more than a little miffed that I got so excited about going !!!

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