When House found a home (and DD)


I found my new home a year ago this week.

As I noted in a blog post: “It’s big, has a gorgeous backyard … and is on an insanely busy road. But it’s cheap, in my local area and has a really nice, solid feel to it. It’s got – as they say in the business – ‘potential’ … The upside is that the kids love it. They dragged me to Bunnings on Saturday to look at fruit trees and vegetables and flowers they could plant in the sunny garden … I think we could be very happy in the house, aside from the screaming traffic metres from the front door. We could probably be very happy even with the screaming traffic. Double-glazing is a wonderful thing.”

Freakily, my ex may find his own new home tomorrow. He’s bidding on an apartment at auction. The kids are excited … because they don’t understand how complicated it could be down the track – a long bus trip into the city from school and another long one back out again.

But, hey, plenty of separated families manage the commute, so will they.

The location has been chosen because it’s closer to SSF’s son’s school, so the kids tell me, and I’m guessing what that means.

Oh yeah, life moves on.

I was right about my new house. It DOES have a really nice feel to it. It’s home in a way that my fancier, old house never felt. I’m very happy living here.

OK, I may have drawn up plans to renovate it into a five-bedroom schmicko place with a pool and spa that I will never have the cash to bring to fruition, but that’s the way I roll. I’m a dreamer. Glass half full and all that.

Yeah, I get down. But I get back up again pretty fast.

Little did I know a new house was only the first sentence of a lovely new chapter in my life that started being written in October 2014. Exactly a year ago tonight, along came DD.

He contacted me on RSVP. Didn’t bother with a “kiss”, just went straight to the $10 message. Smooth.

He also had a lovely profile name, not one of those awful ones like Red Ducati or All Heart And Feelings or Dogs Bollocks.

It was 8.44pm at night and the messages zipped back and forth until 9.21pm when I announced it was past my social media curfew and I would have to sign off … he was a little bit startled by that … but geez my insomnia was bad back then and I was doing everything I could to beat it.

Thankfully my weird sleep rituals didn’t put him off …

But, like I always say, that’s a story for another day …

How did you know you’d found your “home”?

Song of the day: Oasis “Don’t look back in anger”




3 thoughts on “When House found a home (and DD)

  1. It’s great when you find a home that just feels right for you. We have been extremely lucky with both our homes. I know I said when we moved into our first home (not the rental) that I was only leaving in a coffin – but then we moved last year and this home is definitely the one I’m leaving in a coffin !!! We are still fighting with the builder to finish off the little house at the bottom of our property where my folks live and I can see absolutely no reason why I would need to move from here.
    I know – never say never – but I very much doubt I will be leaving here anytime soon !!
    I’m so happy that things have worked out as they have for you – it’s great to hear.

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