This is how we (weirdly) party

The eldest is having her 12th birthday soon (well, soon in my obsessive planner universe, it’s still a few months away) and she’s decided on a Doctor Who luau theme.
As you do.
So I’ve decided to do a test-run this weekend on a Tardis-lands-on-tropical-island cake.
As you do.
What exactly is a Doctor Who luau? Well, it’s a pool party for a Doctor Who fan, ie lots of Tardis-blue mocktails, Hawaiian pizza, lei garlands and diving for daleks games.
We’re working on the party bag being similarly genetically modified: weeping angel/idol necklaces and that sort of thing. Must give ebay a thorough going over soon.
It’s not totally incongruous – the 10th Doctor did appear with a lei around his neck in one episode (see above) after all.
I’m thinking about keeping the catering ultra-simple for a change. Just takeaway pizza, mocktails and the Tardis birthday cake.
I figure at age 12 they’ll make their own fun in the spa and pool.
I’ve been researching Tardis cakes on the net. They’re a bit daunting looking. But less hellish than my original tropical Dalek concept. Dalek cakes are scary mofos to make, much like the real thing would be to encounter.
As for Tardises, here’s one I think I can attempt a vague approximation of …
I have form in the Doctor Who party realm. Check out the Doctor Who bash I threw for the eldest two years ago … which included dalek cupcakes … it was fun!
The party will be on the Saturday, then on the Sunday I’ll take her to the Doctor Who Festival.
It’s a very, very expensive thing being held at the Hordern Pavilion. But since it’s on the day before her actual birthday it would seem meant to be. I’ve told her it’s her one and only birthday gift from me … and the party should be cheap-as: my sister has agreed to provide the pool, plus we have endless pool toys and decorations left over from the kids last two beach-themed soirees.
Wish me luck with that cake – I’ll post a pic of how it turns out.
Song of the day: Doctorin’ The Tardis

One thought on “This is how we (weirdly) party

  1. Good luck with the cake !!!! Luckily for us my aunt used to make and ice cakes to sell so she would make whatever cakes K wanted. Then we moved to Australia and to save having cake shoved into all sorts of nooks and crannies because it was unpalatable, I used to get the local bakery to make them instead – we never had left overs from them !! I hope everyone has a fun time !!

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