This is how we (weirdly) party

The eldest is having her 12th birthday soon (well, soon in my obsessive planner universe, it’s still a few months away) and she’s decided on a Doctor Who luau theme. As you do. So I’ve decided to do a test-run this weekend on a Tardis-lands-on-tropical-island cake. As you do. What exactly is a Doctor Who […]

It’s time to regenerate

I’m going all geeky on you today with Doctor Who references. Probably just another avoidance tactic on my part, but I’ve got this funny idea in my head that I just can’t get out. I’ve decided it’s time for me to “regenerate”. And in the words of Doctor no.10 – “I don’t want to go!” […]

Who’s the party queen WHO WHO

I’m a little belated with this but it took me a while to recover … Sunday, November 24 was all sorts of alien awesome in the Household. The eldest’s 10th birthday coincided with the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who and it was brilliant! Possibly not entirely well thought out, but brilliant. For example, I really […]

Exterminate … I mean CELEBRATE

So the eldest announced to me in the car last night that she fancies a Doctor Who party for her birthday. There’s a nice synergy to it since the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special screens on November 23 … her birth date. Well, technically it will screen in Australia on November 24, but I’m still […]

Doctor Who is my porn

Things got pretty heated in my office a few weeks ago when we started discussing who’d seen porn. Quite a few of us had not. The ones who HAD couldn’t believe there were ones who HAD NOT. I was one of the had nots. I regard porn and horror movies as film genres I do […]

Novocastrian nirvana

It’s probably not the first place you’d choose, but I want a holiday house in Newcastle. Yes, yes, Bryon is lovely, Bateman’s probably rocks and I know Sawtell is superb. None of them hold a candle to Newcastle. I grew up in Newcastle (so shut your gob). I was dead keen to leave when I was 21. Now I fantasise about moving back (when […]