Exterminate … I mean CELEBRATE


So the eldest announced to me in the car last night that she fancies a Doctor Who party for her birthday. There’s a nice synergy to it since the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special screens on November 23 … her birth date.
Well, technically it will screen in Australia on November 24, but I’m still taking it as a sign.
So we raced home and did some frenetic international shopping for party supplies. Because in my mind November 23 is like tomorrow so we needed to move quickly to avoid disappointment.
We got …
doctor who badges

Doctor Who badges from ChocRain.

doctor who party supplies

Doctor Who masks, invites, cups and serviettes from Aim Gift Sales.

doctor who shaker maker

And a Doctor Who shaker maker kit so we can have Tardis plaster casts for everyone to paint.

As for the other activities on offer …


We’re going to watch Series 5 episode 1, “Fish Fingers and Custard”.

I’m going to paint everyone’s toenails Tardis blue.


We’re going to have Ood races.

For anyone who’s not a Doctor Who acolyte, Oods look like this …

There will be a Tardis-making session …

We’re going to play the series 5 soundtrack …

Because it has the awesome Sun’s Gone Wibbley on it.

And we might do a bit of this …

Oh how I love a GIF …

And then we’re doing Doctor Who foods including, of course, fish fingers and custard …

Dalek cupcakes

And jammy dodgers.

I might even try and source some Tardis blue potato chips …

Oh how I love a theme!

I just hope all the 10-year-old girls are jiggy with it …

What do you reckon? 

8 thoughts on “Exterminate … I mean CELEBRATE

Add yours

  1. Don’t forget classic series jelly babies 🙂
    I made a large-ish dalek cake once and pushed in Maltesers as the “Dalek bumps”.
    With your cleverness with cupcakes, you could always make cat face ones for the cat nuns 🙂
    And don’t forget Tardis blue jelly – it’s wibbly wobbly!

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