Take a look at this!


Yesterday sucked a bit. Something crappy happened that sent me into a swoon of misery … on R U OK Day … ironically … or should that be congruently?

I was let down badly and it hurt.

I did lots of exercise to try and offset the sucky nature of it, but it didn’t really help.

First I went for a walk with my friend Fee. Then I went to a pump class. Then I exercised my patience at Centrelink, where I discovered I’ve missed out on a year of Family Tax Benefit because my ex didn’t do our tax in time.

I can’t even harp at him about not doing our tax on time because technically I should have been a big enough girl to do my own. So I’ll have to content myself with being silently peeved at his slackness and my own maiden-in-distress inertia.

Also, it turns out we should have unlinked ourselves on Centrelink when we separated. The help desk lady went very cat’s bum about that oversight. But how was I supposed to know? I’d never separated from anyone before. I didn’t know there were RULES.

I also had a very cathartic conversation with the help desk lady – to get her back onside – about our bastard exes. She’d just broken up with her partner of five  years because he was still in love with his ex-wife … 15 years after divorcing her … and wouldn’t stop talking about her all the time.

I can’t believe she put up with THAT for five years.

Anyways, I walked out of Centrelink with a wad of paperwork to fill out that’s about the size of the Yellow Pages. Remember those?

And then I walked up to the school with the dogs to collect the eldest. I’d forgotten that the youngest goes to skipping on Thursdays – she always thrusts her saxophone at me before she heads off. So I walked home with a saxophone, her Doctor Who lunch bag, her library books and … for much of the journey … Bilbo the foxie in my arms, who is unable to walk more than two blocks without collapsing in exhaustion.

I was VERY pouty by the time I staggered through the front door.

After dropping the eldest at art class, I droobed around Woolies doing the shopping and swigging V to bolster my sagging spirits. Then I dumped the groceries home, retrieved the eldest from art class and headed to skipping class to grab the youngest.

And that’s when my heart finally soared. I watched my gorgeous little chickadee practice her double dutch routine for the National Championship. The trio still have a way to go, but it was sooooo amazing to watch it coming together.

Here’s a video I took of the rehearsal …

Aren’t they great? OK, I’m biased …

Song of the day: Sting “Fragile”




10 thoughts on “Take a look at this!

  1. WOW – that skilling is amazing !!!!!!
    Are you feeling OK today ? I had sucky days when they happen. Isn’t it funny how often people expect you know stuff that you don’t know – I mean how are we supposed to know that we don’t know something ???????????
    I hope today is a better day for you and that you have a wonderful weekend !

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