The Game of Life?


Ever played The Game of Life? I loved it when I was a kid … the careers, the wedding, the kids, the houses …

It made being a grown-up seem so exciting – all those possibilities and all that MONEY.

There’s no divorce in The Game of Life or death or income tax.

Actual grown-up life, on the other hand, has its fair share of Jack & Diane moments.

The Game of Life is having a bit of a revival. There are ads for it on the tellie and the eldest has been begging to get it.

I saw it on special the other day at Kmart and thought why not?

During the school holidays, Kerri Sackville noted on her Facebook page during the school holidays that playing board games is her idea of hell, but I quite like it.

I enjoy the structure and the don’t-have-to-think-too-much time it gives me with the kids. Unless they want to play Charades … then I quail. Give me a dice and a board piece any day.

I loved playing board games when I was a kid, too. The highlight of any school holidays was when my Nan finished her chores and let my sister and I cane her at Scrabble.

Some afternoons, Pop would join us for dominos or a card game. That was pretty fun too.

Back at home, we’d play Monopoly with my Dad. Geez, that game went on for HOURS.

The Game of Life is mercifully short. You can knock it over in less than an hour.

It turns out to be pretty educational too. One time, when the youngest got hitched, I asked if she wanted to marry a boy or a girl.

“A boy, of course!” said the youngest.

“Why?” I questioned.

“So I can have babies.”

And it gave me a chance to explain you didn’t need to marry a boy to have babies.

It was also fascinating to note how disappointed the eldest was to be childless at the end of the first game … even before she realised the kids could be cashed in for $50,000 a piece.

And then there are the totally opposite ways my daughters tackled the career thing. The youngest is all “bugger this university nonsense I just want to get on with LIVING” while the eldest chooses university every single time.

I wonder what spins the wheel of real-life has in store for them?

More happy than sad ones, I hope.

What was  your favourite board game as a kid? 

Song of the day: The Fray “How to save a life”

5 thoughts on “The Game of Life?

  1. Scrabble…still is!
    Do you remember when Backgammon was all the rage? We used to play all night, and well into the early hours of the morning on weekends.

  2. I remember the 1st time i ever played the game of life… surprisingly, it was with u… lol
    Looking back, how innocent were we – we sold our husbands & married our sons… lol

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