Wow, something to celebrate

There’s a celebration at my sister’s place today … we hold them all there since she did her schmicky renovation. Hanging out at her place is like being on holidays at some five-star resort.

I feel a bit guilty about all the catering she does. I offered to help today, but my sis – like me – is a no-worries-I-can-do-it-all kinda chick and insisted she was fine to sort everything … despite having already cooked up lasagne for the masses at a pre-celebration dinner last night.

It’s my dad’s 75th birthday today. Wow! Huge!

We’re doing a seafood spread and sis is baking a cake. I’m rocking up with some Jatz and french onion dip.

I created a photo album of Dad’s life as a gift … but it didn’t arrive in time. It’s on some courier’s truck for the weekend. Sob!

If I thought about it too much I’d be heartbroken, so I’m not.

Here are some of my favourite pics of my dad and I through the years from the AWOL album …

Song of the day: The Verve “Lucky”


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