Halloween HouseGoesHome-style

The kids and I went on our annual Halloween wander last night. It was … bulk fun!

There are a group of three streets nearby that go all out. Fantastic decorations, live band, endless lollies (my friend Fee handed out 1000) …

Families hold parties on their front lawns, sip wine and chat as they watch the madness unfold on their footpath.

You walk down those avenues and see so many familiar faces. Lots of kisses and smiles and catch-ups. It’s very nice, you feel part of such a special community.

Neighbours invite you back to their place for a sausage sanger or a glass of champers.

The kids have the best time.

I know there are lots Aussies who are anti the whole Halloween thing but, as you take a walk down those sultry streets, it’s impossible not to get a little jazzed by it all.

Here are just a few of my happy snaps …

How was  your Halloween?

2 thoughts on “Halloween HouseGoesHome-style

  1. Wow, love a spooky Halloween neighbourhood. I like Halloween now – I was quite dismissive of it until my son became old enough to enjoy it. Now I see it as a great chance to walk around the streets and see some amazing creativity, the kids are thrilled, and as you say it’s a chance for communities to get together. Had a lovely night last night with a few school mums walking around the hood. Although our hood was a bit more sedate than yours by the looks of things. A live band is pretty special!

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