#FeelingNuts: the celebrity edition

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is so last week in the celebrity world … now it’s all about #FeelingNuts, which raises awareness for testicular cancer by encouraging men to check their testicles for abnormalities. British organisation Check One Two started promoting the campaign via YouTube in June and it’s started gathering momentum in la-la land.

Check out the stars who’ve joined the challenge to date …


>> Hugh Jackman shared the above pic on Instagram, captioned: “I accept raising awareness for testicular cancer. I nominate .”


>> Ricky Gervais tweeted: “I accept the challenge for testicular cancer. I nominate .”


>> William Shatner was up for it, sharing this pic on WhoSay, captioned: “I accept @rickygervais‘ challenge but of course I will have to use more than one hand & reveal myself to the inquiring public .”


>> Will Arnett wasn’t nominated by Gervais, but couldn’t resist joining in, tweeting: “@rickygervais no..all good.”


>> Boy band Union J tweeted: “We’re with @check_one_two and we challenge you Niall Horan, @jasonderulo, @MarkWright_ and .”


>> Model Tyson Beckford felt himself up in Ibiza, Instagramming: “@check_onetwo #feelingnuts #ibiza #ibizastreetz #bronxkid.”


>> Stephen Fry tweeted: “I’m with . I challenge , & to top my crotch grab!”


>> Jamie Oliver‘s contribution.

I’ll keep you posted as the ball – so to speak – gets rolling …

Who do you hope gets nominated?


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