My Father’s Day

dad Collage

Morning has dawned on our first Father’s Day as a new sort of family: one where Dad lives somewhere else.

The kids are remarkably fine with their new lives, I keep expecting the emotional shite to hit the fan, but they’re coping pretty well so far.

I’ve instructed Husband to be waiting outside his apartment at 8am for his Father’s Day brekkie pick-up. He’s fond of a lie-in, so he requested lunch or dinner instead.  But lunch has been reserved for MY dad, then tonight I got PLANS, baby.

I’ve chosen a lovely restaurant built over the water. I hope that makes up for the frightfully early hour (it was the only booking left, I’d not been anticipating doing anything TOGETHER today, I thought parceling the kids off to him for the day was my gift).

Mind you, I did make Husband take me to see Strictly Ballroom for Mother’s Day … back when I had fanciful notions we might get back together one day …

The kids bought him gifts at the Father’s Day stall at school. The eldest has framed a picture she painted.  I got a big gift bag from the $2 shop and filled it with a commemorative carton of the “World’s 10 best beers”” (or something like that), a jar of chocolate almonds and a bar of Darrell Lea rocky road.

That should do the trick, don’t you think?

Normally, the kids spend Father’s Day with their dad AND their pop. They suggested Dad and Pop might like to go bowling with them as a Father’s Day treat. I told them Dad and Pop weren’t really besties at the moment (major understatement) and they took that in their stride.

So the girls cooked their Pop dinner last night instead. The youngest made chorizo & avocado pasta and the eldest made a baked banana and coconut dessert thing.

A fun night was had by all.

Today my sister’s partner is making beer can chicken for lunch. I’ve been dying to try beer can chicken, so I’m rather excited. The girls are disappointed they can’t come too. But that’s how Father’s Day as a new sort of family rolls.

What are your plans for the day?

Song of the day: Nat King Cole “Unforgetable” (Dad loves his Nat King Cole)




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