It’s been that sort of year


“Mum, we’ve found your [missing] glasses,” the kids shouted triumphantly yesterday afternoon. “They were in the gutter!”

The youngest held up a mangled piece of plastic.


So, not only were they in the gutter, but I’d reversed over them. Comprehensively.

I sighed and shrugged my shoulders. It’s been that sort of year.


Luckily, it’s also been the sort of year where lots of magic and fun have happened too.

I collected the kids from school early yesterday and whisked them across town to get their hair cut. Most people just whisk their kids up the road to get their hair cut, but ever since their first haircuts my kids have been going to the same hairdresser in Leichhardt. The eldest rocked an awesome bob as a toddler.

Their hairdresser’s name is Lizzi – she’s co-owner of a salon called Catalizt – and she’s the daughter of the girls’ former nanny of seven years, Catherine.

Lizzi has been through a lot with my kids’ hair, like when the eldest gave her sister a buzzcut to make hay to feed her plastic animals. That was a tricky salvage job.

Yesterday, the eldest wanted a major makeover. The youngest, on the other hand, insisted in only having a millimetre off because she wants to grow a ponytail like all her friends. It’s very important to the youngest to look like all her friends. The eldest not so much. Actually, not at all.

So the eldest sat in Lizzi’s salon chair and kept saying “shorter!”

In the end, she looked like this …


She’s actually in costume as a Charlie & The Chocolate Factory fairy floss sheep – for her school band spectacular last night.

The band spectacular was a little arduous, but mainly fun. I dropped the kids off at the hall at 5pm, found some like-minded school mums and dads who fancied nipping off to the pub, then returned for the performance at 6.30pm.

Husband went to the wrong hall – oooops – quite a distance in the opposite direction, and made it back just in the nick of time. But he kept his composure, we had a laugh and shared lots of proud moments in the audience together.

We also fretted in unison when the eldest ducked to the front of the stage to perform with a percussion group, only to realise they were short one plastic drum. It was like a very, very public musical chairs with her being the loser. She froze in panic before returning to her seat and bravely taking her trumpet up again. But I FELT for her.

Later, Husband reversed my car out of a tricky spot (made more harrowing by my lack of spectacles) and then we parted ways for our respective homes.

I told him many months ago that I would always love him and it seems it’s true, despite everything he’s done. His reply was that he had the highest admiration for me or something equally bletch, but I think he loves me too. We just don’t  love each other in the right way any more.

We have fun together. We love having a chat. We love our kids.

If we can keep the good relationship we have now, it will be a blessing for us all.

And a miracle.

But I’m determined to give it my best shot.

Song of the day: Rod Stewart “The first cut is the deepest”


5 thoughts on “It’s been that sort of year

  1. That sounds like you’re on the right track…except for the specs!
    The loving thing, in my experience, is somewhat true because you can’t spend that much time with someone for there not to be some good feelings (apart from the initial ugly, angry ones) for each other. Perhaps it can be best described as a kind of fraternal love?

  2. Nooo, not the glasses!! Mum drove over hers with the ride-on mower not long ago. They were stuffed but would you believe Hunter Spec Savers put them back together for free and the new ones cost her about 350 instead of 800! They are a bit scratched and joined in spots but good as spare glasses. I had no idea plastic could be rejoined. I sound like an ad but we were blown away.
    Love the haircut on your little sheep and so happy to hear that you were able to have lighter moments with husband. Hopefully that’ll become easier and easier in years to come xxoo

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