Everyone has places they won’t go


When people come to dinner I ALWAYS check if there are things they don’t eat. It’s probably because Husband was so thingy about pork products – he’d always hassle me to remind hosts because they’d invariably serve it up (my sister made a habit of it when my marriage started to crumble, bless her).

Anyone who tells me they eat everything makes me suspicious. No one eats EVERYTHING do they? Everyone has places they won’t go, right?

My list: peas (made to stay at the table until I ate them all as a kid, I resorted to swallowing them one by one), parsley (though I’m teaching myself to like tabbouli), Vietnamese mint (perhaps the most revolting herb on the planet, it tastes like soap – speaking of soap, add Hersey’s chocolate to the list), chicken feet and offal.

Though I reckon Heston Blumenthal could entice me to love just about any of them if he put his mind to it. Imagine Heston Blumenthal putting his mind to enticing me to eat … mmmmm …

I digress.

Aside from that short list I’ll pretty much hoover down anything. Well, as long as it’s not soggy. As a kid, cereal with milk repulsed me (still does). I’d eat my Weet-bix with peanut butter on top if there weren’t any toasted products on offer. My mouth goes all dry just thinking about that combo, especially since my grandmother sprinkled a spoonful of bran on top to “keep me regular”.

The other soggy foodstuff that repulsed me as a kid were the salad rolls from the Belair Primary School canteen when the beetroot and tomato had infiltrated the bread. Pink sogginess. Shudder. The worst.

I think it’s a texture thing. Porridge doesn’t really float my boat either. And it took me years to get the hang of soup.

Oooh, this list is getting unexpectedly long.  Better stop before I start looking fussy.

So tell me: do you eat EVERYTHING? Or are there places you won’t go?

Song of the day: Meatloaf “I’ll do anything (but I won’t do that)”

5 thoughts on “Everyone has places they won’t go

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  1. Yes, offal is definitely off my list. Liver and kidney, lamb brains, tripe…aaaargh! Just the smell is bad enough, let alone the taste.
    As a child in a European family, we had plenty to not like, including the above…sauerkraut and red cabbage, rollmops (those fishy delights that Dad loved!), olives that were tart and salty, leeks, and the list goes on. Our fridge was years ahead of your local deli!
    Oddly enough, I love a good feed of sauerkraut and bratwurst, as an adult!
    We served crocodile, kangaroo, emu and water buffalo dishes in our award winning restaurant in Alice Springs 20 years ago and, although I ate them, can’t say I really enjoyed the experience! Thank God for French chefs and their sauces, I say! 🙂

      1. Yep, still firmly on the “no” list! Pickled herring wrapped around a pickled cucumber? Pass.
        And yet, I adore a bit of sashimi with some wasabi and soy…go figure! 😉

  2. Been meaning to pick your culinary brain on this very topic. I am struggling to pick a menu for a particular friends catch up, do you have any ideas on how I could get around the following dietary needs. They have members who are Gluten and Dairy intolerant, a Piscetarian (no meat except Fish) and my partner is allergic to Fish but not some seafood items such as Prawns, Squid. Also, I don’t have any experience cooking Prawns as they don’t really rate high on my choices for food.

    What would you serve??

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