A little help from my friends


My new job rocks. My escape.com.au workmates are really nice, I get to write about celebrities and travel every day, heaps of my friends work in the same building and when you press “42” on the drink dispensing machine a can of Diet Coke comes out. There’s the meaning of life for you.

It’s also novel to be working at a newspaper again after so many years. I was 21 the last time I shuffled around a news floor. I love that there are all these old men wandering past doing whatever it is old men do on newspapers. And the female journo who loudly says “f#@” every five seconds – during interviews and everything – is a hoot.

I’m finally getting the hang of the computer system – I even built my first online gallery yesterday. And having my photograph taken for my security pass made it all feel lovely and real.

I’ve started footling around on the escape.com.au Facebook page. Come over and check it out here. 

“Follow” it and I’ll bless your cotton socks.

And that’s about it for today because I need to scurry into the office early so I can leave at a decent hour to collect the kids, who are being entertained by various kind-hearted school mums.

Bless their cotton socks too.

Song of the day: Ringo Starr & Paul McCartney “I get by with a little help from my friends”



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