Holding back the years

I found a card while I was clearing out the attic.

It said …

I love you and I miss you and I will see you soon. I loved you all bright eyed and energetic when I left this morning. I look forward to loving you more when I get back.

It made me very sad.

How did I let that love go? How did he?

Song of the day: Simply Red “Holding Back The Years”





2 thoughts on “Holding back the years

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  1. The more it hurts to break up the more love there was and still is. You are so connected that it is impossible to separate without pain. You have to break habits, kill urges, cut the strings you can, head into the unknown… it’s incredibly hard.
    Don’t ever throw away that card. You can show it to your Grandkids oneday and tell them of the great love you had with their Grandad and if they’re lucky they’ll have a chapter like that in their lives too. xo

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