I hate travelling but …


Somehow I’ve cheerfully agreed to go to Los Angeles for four days … ah, I know, it’s a tough life.
Well, it IS a bit of a logistical nightmare because I leave on Federal Election day and Husband will be working until VERY late that night.
So I’ve organised a flight that allows me to vote, throw the kids at my sister – bless her – then jump on a plane with an enormous, empty suitcase.
The flight times are against me body clock-wise – I fly out at 1.30pm for 13 hours, arriving in Los Angeles several hours before I left. Not entirely conducive to sleeping even if I wasn’t suffering one of the worst insomnia bouts of my life.
But I’ve remaining positive that I will find the energy reserves to hit the ground running and so have booked a hotel equally distant between two major shopping centres.
Leaving Saturday means I’m bailing on the school fete’s cake stall. So it’s been suggested by the organisers that I freeze something. Cue anxious panting. I’ve baked a test run of cupcakes that I really should have test-iced last night but I couldn’t be arsed. I am KNACKERED. Bloody insominia.

I’m thinking I’ll test the pandas and the apples from my 5 cake stall ideas (that will walk off the table) tonight after my yearly skin-cancer check-up this arvo – the horrors of which I documented in You Want A Piece of Me. Let’s hope there are no scalpels involved this time.

Hmmm … somehow I’m not looking forward to today terribly much …

Waving my credit card around in GAP over the weekend on the other hand …

Are you doing any Election baking or sausage sizzling on Saturday?

11 thoughts on “I hate travelling but …

    • I did a test run of the pandas and they actually need big choc bits I think – the normal sized ones were way too tiny, they would look fab on mini-cupcakes. I am now going for the tiny teddies on the beach …

  1. Hi Alanna, Thanks to you for your post about cake-stall baking, because I was inspired to have a go at the panda cupcakes for our Election Day cake stall and they turned out OK – not as pretty as the ones from Bakerella because I improvised a bit, but not too bad. I’ve posted pics on my blog and have linked back to yours.

      • Hi Alana,

        Yes, thank you, your comment came through but I didn’t see it at first because the email notification went into my spam folder for some reason – I know what you mean, I find it’s hit and miss with the technology. No problem re the link! Thanks for the inspiration in the first place!

      • I’ll have to do another cupcake post sometime. Apparently that’s how Google assesses your popularity – by how many times you write about a subject. Not that I’m doing things for any reason other than love ….

      • Yes please, I love your cupcake posts. I was going to do little Abbott and Rudd cupcakes – “Politicakes” – for Election Day – but didn’t fancy working with grey fondant icing (Rudd’s hair). All too hard!

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