Scene of devastation

I cried buckets last night. Between each gulping sob I dialed my Husband’s number. Maybe 20 or 30 times. Willing him to pick up. No answer.

Probably for the best, as I might have said things I’d regret.

By the time he returned my calls half an hour later I’d calmed down enough to merely say: “You left it unlocked.”

We lost the flat-screen TV, the DVD player, the computer, two lamps, even the dust-buster.

All because he left the bloody bunny hutch open ALL day.

Freakin’ bunnies had a freakin’ field day. Electrical cord banquet.

Fortunately we had safety switches installed when Frodo gnawed through the fridge cord, but all the residual power bouncing around the house meant it took hours to get things working again, after we’d meticulously checked every wire in the house for damage.

Yes, yes, rabbit stew, I know. But they’re just dumb animals who didn’t know any better.

How about husband stew instead ….


17 thoughts on “Scene of devastation

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    1. I’m kinda thinking insurance companies won’t be jiggy with the bunny claim. I’m also kinda thinking I’ll stop recommending bunnies as pets …

  1. That’s terrible. Can you just get the cords replaced or do you have to throw out the appliances?
    The idea of Husband Stew sounds tempting but probably not tasty.
    However, don’t forget that revenge is a dish best served cold. Maybe the bunnies could be given the electrical cord for Husband’s side of the electric blanket as a snack? Just a thought.

    1. Cords being replaced as we speak … well, if we speak VERY SLOWLY … so they will be ready Tuesday. Five long days without a tellie. I thought the bunny HAD chewed hubby’s electric blanket, sadly it was the bedside lamp.

  2. Hee Hee, being South African, my first thought was that you had been robbed!! Not so bad when you then read on to see the real culprits 🙂

  3. Goodness, who’d have thought those gorgeous doe-eyed bunnikins would wreak such havoc?! I won’t now whinge about the hole in the lawn that our kelpie/labrador cross digs to punish us whenever he is left outside for more than an hour…it pales to insignificance besides your destruction (I can’t see the attraction for cords, don’t rabbits prefer carrots and celery??)

  4. We walked outside this morning to show my brother-in-law and his girlfriend (they stayed the night en route from Newcastle to Canberra via our guest room) our bunny that Master 2 got for his birthday recently. Much to our surprise he (the bunny) was sitting atop the brick wall which stands a little over a foot high. Lucky there is a wooden fence running on top of this.

    Later on in the morning, my wife (rhetorically) asked “how funny was it to see the bunny on the shelf this morning?”

    “It’s not really a shelf,” I replied. “We don’t really store anything on that brick wall.”

    “Yes we do, bunnies…”

    If I knew she was going to be this funny I wouldn’t have married her.

    I don’t need the competition…

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