My week: freaky rats to vajayjay necklaces

HouseGoesHome was an eclectic mix this week

>> I kicked off with a video of a cat cuddling a rat.

>> I discussed my failed attempt at facilitating bunny sex.

>> I was traumatised by bunny neutering.

>> I revealed my shame over this classroom incident involving my nine-year-old.

>> Speaking of shame, I reblogged a post about the time there was an elephant in my pants.

>> Aaaand I wrote about vajayjay jewellery (ie jewellery in the shape of vajayjays. Oh, yes. Really.)

>> But I tried to redeem myself with 7 of my favourite slow-cooker recipes.

Over at iVillage, I wrote (not much, I’ve realised):


>> Cancer gene sisters: two had preventative surgery, one waited … such a sad story

>> Happy news for mum who lost two kids in New York nanny case

>> Hazel Hawke passes away

>> This teenager is going to jail for falling in love

>> And I was really gutted by the Oklahoma tornado devastation, which I wrote about here, then added There should be a parade for teachers like this.

Cheery. I must have taken a double-dose of happy pills.

Some of my favourite stories on iVillage were …


>> The mum who said: “I want to be a mum who doesn’t feel inadequate. Who doesn’t look at her friends (and strangers) and say: Wow, they are great mums, why aren’t I like them? But THIS is the mum I am …” click link here.

>> Am I living my dream and I just don’t realise it? 

>> And the mum who wrote What I’ve learned about motherhood after losing my son made me weep.

On the other hand …

Mia and I were at odds over the mum who discovered her daughter was bullying another girl about her clothes so made her wear thrift store clothes to school to teach her a lesson. Mia thought it was a fair call, I feel uncomfortable about it “shaming” the girl, and as one commenter said: “Wonder where she learned bullying ?????” But it was definitely the biggest talking point of the week among readers.

And I asked stuff on Facebook like …

>> “Should I celebrate my 13th wedding anniversary or pretend it doesn’t exist like superstitious people do when building apartment blocks?” One reader convinced me I should with her answer:  “celebrate…our 13th anniversary fell on 13th May, 2013.!!”

>> and “I have a friend who has just moved overseas to Jordan and it got me thinking … if I could live anywhere, where would I go? Answer: Merewether, Newcastle. You?” which freaked people out, who were like NEWCASTLE? When you could live in PARIS or NEW YORK??? To which I answered: “I never feel more at peace than when I’m exploring the rockpools near Merewether Baths with the kids.”

Got any questions you need some group therapy for? I’m kinda running out of inspiration.

Plus, fun stuff included:


>> First there was planking, then baby mugging, and now: cat beards. Click here and prepare for giggles.

>> What this mum does when her baby is asleep is amazing. Click here to see her beautiful creations.

>> Newsflash: we have behind-the-scenes photos from Kate Middleton’s baby shower! Okay, so they’re actually spoofs. Click here to see the uncanny – and hilarious – shots.

Oh, and your day really isn’t complete if you don’t see this video of a cat in a shark costume riding a vaccum cleaner while a duckling follow him around. All sorts of awesomeness. Made me cry laughing.

How was your week?

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