Warning: do not read this while the kiddies are around


Blogger Karen Alpert over at Baby Sideburns made me choke on my peppermint tea yesterday with her latest blog post: “Vag-ewelry. Yup, it’s exactly what it sounds like.”

She announced: “A few weeks ago someone on this page asked me if I might share the jewelry she sells on etsy and at first I was like no way ho zay, but then I said you know what, I would be happy to show off your work if you designed something funny. You know, like vajayjay jewelry. So guess what this totally badass woman did. Yup, Ms. Badass McAwesomeness went out and made a vajayjay necklace. Check this beauty out. But wait, there’s more! Did you know there’s like tons of vag-ewelry out there on etsy?!

“Okay, so this is the original vajayjay necklace my “friend” made me (above). I love that I can wear this and my mother-in-law might say, “Wow, what a pretty necklace” and I can say, “Thank you, it’s my vagina.” Or that I could look at a friend across the dinner table and ask, “Hey, is my clit hanging straight?” So if you need a hammered hoo-ha (because who doesn’t?) here’s the link … http://www.etsy.com/listing/151710276/yonies-united”

Here are some of the other tasteful items you can buy on Etsy to celebrate, as Yonies United describes it, ” the powerful essence of all that is feminine and sacred”.

1. For the anti-Brazilian mamma …


2. Instead of wearing your heart on your sleeve, how about your vagina in your ears …


3. Who needs diamonds? This is a girl’s best friend …


4. Subtle … as a sledgehammer …


5. Last, but not least, a replica of the vajayjay of “an actual adult actor” …


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  1. Wow, some people really like to make a statement with their jewellery! And here was me thinking Tiffany’s was where it’s at. Actually when I read the headline I though it was going to be about vajazzling – but no, literally vagina jewellery. Thanks for the laugh 🙂

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