Pinterest? WTF?


Someone told me I really needed to be on Pinterest yesterday.

They got it wrong. What I REALLY need to be on is holidays.

Pinterest? WTF?

Who has time for that? By the time I check Facebook and Twitter and work and look after the kids and squeeze in the occasional meal, the last thing I feel like doing is trawling around on Pinterest.

Given a choice between Pinteresting and painting my toenails, I choose painting my chipped, shameful toenails.

Hang on, I don’t have time for that either.

Fark Pinterest.

Are you on Pinterest? Why? Nuh, still not getting it. Explain in more detail, so I really understand. 

17 thoughts on “Pinterest? WTF?

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  1. Alana – I am so with you on this one! I do not get Pintrest at all! I do not have time for it etiher (and for painting my toenails…. 😦 ) Perhaps if I understood how/why to use it, it may be different, however I already spend way too much time on Facebook…..

  2. You’d love it. It’s like a virtual scrapbook. You can pin pictures of what you’d love your dream house to look like and/or even pin interesting articles that take your fancy. Not to mention that Pinterest is growing at some ridiculous rate every day so it reaches millions of people. If anything, it’s wonderful for the promotion of Blogs. So If you have a category called “Alanas favourite recipes” you pin the pictures from that recipe, and If other people see that picture they can pin it to their pin-board (and so on, and so on), and to read the recipe the “pin” will re-direct the reader to….you blog!

  3. Hi Alana, I do have a Pinterest account but I rarely get on to it. When I first heard about Pinterest I liked the idea of a virtual scrapbook of cool/pretty/wish-listy things you see around the web, but I’m still more a rip-the-page-out-of- the-magazine kind of girl – that works better for me. I think Pinterest is good for people who have a visually-oriented business that they’re trying to promote – a florist, stylist, interior designer for example could pin things up there to showcase to their clients the types of looks they like, creating a sort of mood board (as you’re not really supposed to pin your own photographs).I think in addition to a blog/website for these visual-business people, it increases the chances of them being found on the Internet, and my understanding is that the more social media you are on, the more it increases your Google rankings as a brand. However, you are a writer, you are already on Twitter and Facebook and along with your fabulous blog, I think that’s all you need. So no, I don’t think you need to be on Pinterest. Unless you start a cake-decorating business!

  4. Haha, yes I’m with you here, Alana. A friend told me about it last week – enthused for an hour and gave me instructions etc but then I thought…I only have two eyes and one life, how will I ever have the time to embrace this along with everything else?? I am sure it’s wonderful and don’t want to miss out, but where to fit it in…what will I sacrifice?

  5. Pininterest?! I don’t “get” Twitter, either! And I even have trouble keeping up with Facebook. Call me a technology dinosaur with chipped toenails!!

  6. I’m on there every once in awhile. Good for compiling things that I like and some I definitely have got round to using =)

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