My internal dialogue needs a makeover


I have decided to be kinder to myself. Instead of focussing on what I’m “bad” at, I’m going to remind myself of the stuff I’m “good” at.

I’m even thinking about compiling a list of my better points. You know, “is kind to animals”, “gives her children lots of positive reinforcement”, “cooks nice dinners”, “offers thoughtful advice”, “has creative ideas” … As opposed to “is emotionally disabled”, “needs to lose weight”, “drinks too much crap”, “lets people down”, “lives in squalor” …

Yep, much as I seem to revel in bringing myself down, I think it’s time to rewrite that negative internal monologue.

And if that doesn’t work, perhaps Prozac will … just kidding … sort of …

Are you too hard on yourself sometimes? 

PS I cooked two of these happy little buns in my oven (above) … I must be doing something right. Don’t you wish you could keep that child-like exuberance forever?

6 thoughts on “My internal dialogue needs a makeover

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  1. Definitely relate on the internal dialogue thing. Change that, and you will change your world. Or so I suspect. And hasn’t face painting come a long way since the rudimentary art of the 80s!!??

  2. Oh all the time but sometimes I think I deserve it … But then I’m good at being kind to myself too. Like taking myself skiing in France, massages, and eating Easter eggs a little at a time 🙂

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