Show and tell

The Household went to the Royal Easter Show yesterday. We got there super-early and scored a park right out the front. It was lovely when we walked in, overcast and cool. The grounds were virtually empty and the roosters were still crowing in the poultry pavilion.

Six hours later, I staggered out, hot, heachachey, sore-footed and squinty (forgot my sunglasses) and sunburnt (forgot the sunscreen).

I asked Husband if we could perhaps just make it something we do every second year.

The place was so loud and frenetic and people just kept body-slamming me all the time in their haste to get to the showbag pavilion, the foot-long pluto pup stall or the dodgem cars.


And then there’s the expense – we dropped around $100 bucks on getting in, $100 on rides, $50 on showbags – god they’re awful and crap-filled – and $30 on food.


But the kids had an absolute ball.

Sprog 1’s favourite part: the rides.


Sprog 2’s favourite part: getting her showbag (after whining for it for hours) – the Gag Bag, with a nasty stuffed gorilla almost as big as her.

Here are some snaps from the day …

First stop the sheep pavilion with its amazing knitted caravan cover,  although I was almost equally transfixed by the realistic-looking fake grass. Oh how I’d love me seven lineal metres of that.


Then it was on to the chook pavilion, my favourite part of the show. It make me so desperate to get some more of these …


I could have quite happily stolen this magnificent creature …


And I still have a burning desire for one of these, no matter how bad they apparently smell …


Speaking of smelly, I don’t know how anyone has a pet pig, stinky! But cute.


Still, at least the pig owners didn’t have to sit around on folding chairs with buckets, watching for their prize-winners to start doing a big crap so they could dash over and catch it, like the cow owners had to.

Then it was time to check out the arts and crafts pavilion.


Sprog 1 was robbed of a prize for her oil painting. Now, I know I’m biased but I thought hers was FAR superior to the winner (hers is the landscape, not the bird).


Fortunately her cousin scored second prize for her knitted moose. So the family didn’t go home completely empty handed.


The cake-decorating section was really quite something. I have no idea why this KFC bucket didn’t scoop the pool.

Then it was time for a few rides.


Sprog 1 loved this one (above).


Sprog 2 loved this one (above) so hard she did it twice.

My favourite ride was the one home.

How was your Easter Sunday?

2 thoughts on “Show and tell

  1. I love the Easter Show, but I’m anti-crowds so I don’t see myself going anytime soon. $280 also scares the daylights out of me. That isn’t family friendly, that is highway robbery!

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