Sick of it


It’s been seven days and counting since I started droobing around with the flu and I’m sick of it.

I wake up every morning, open one eye tentatively and hope that I’ll be better. But no, still snotty, still woozy.

So I wasn’t raring to go on a date with my husband last night. We’d organised dinner at this trendy restaurant in Surry Hills called Movida and there was no way I was cancelling. It took me six weeks to get the bloody booking in the first place. But I waiting until May for a second chance.

The dinner was a Christmas gift from my sister, with babysitting thrown in. What a sweetie, huh?

The food was ah-mazing. There was the slight problem of it being Spanish and Husband refusing to eat pork … which cut down our tapas options DRAMATICALLY. (Even the patatas bravas came with “faux” bacon dust. Huh?) But we managed to find enough tasty morsels that were pig-free.


The highlight were these teeny tiny – but very expensive at $5.50 a pop – cigarillo de quesos. Essentially a gourmet fruit roll-up made from quince and stuffed with goat’s curd. Yum.

Oh, and the pintxo de pulpo gallego – meltingly tender octopus skewers with potato puree – were pretty orgasmic too.


Husband was stoked with the air baguette with wagyu beef and pickled garlic.

My friend Rachel over at Around The World in 365 Cheeses had raved about Burrata – the “poor man’s mozzarella” – so when I saw a smoked version on the menu I had to try it, but it was a bit too sloppy for my taste. I’m funny about texture.


The salt cod fritters were scrummy, as was the beef cheek in pedro ximenez. But I always forget I’m not a rock oyster girl – pacific all the way – so I didn’t adore the oysters with manzanilla jelly and compressed watermelon.

My fabulous foodie buddy Karen @VanityFair1 tweeted that I must try the almond fondant for dessert, but I was full as a goog.

However, I managed to squeeze in another glass of Spanish rose. It went down a treat, especially after two Codrals.

OK, I may have put my recovery back a bit with the rose, but I didn’t know how else I was going to keep on keeping on until 10.30pm.

Anyway, it was worth it to have a chance to chat to Husband child-free for a change. We hardly ever get any time alone together since I went back to work. It was before Christmas the last time we squeezed in a lunch a deux.

Husband might have been in a slightly better mood if he hadn’t had reversed into a (parked) motorcycle earlier in the day or exploded a glass saucepan lid into the spag bol he’d made for the Sprogs before heading out … but he managed to get past it after a few beers.

All in all a pretty fab night out.

I just wish this fricking cold would rack off.

Have you been to any yummy restaurants lately?

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