I’m a Skype hottie


I joined Skype a month ago for work purposes – we use it to group message each other and chat when we’re not in the office at the same time. And every single day since I put my photo up (I used a lovely Oompa Loompa one, see above) I’ve received at least one request from a bloke who wants to “connect” with me.

Oooooh, I was feeling so popular. Especially when a workmate said she never gets contact requests.

The most novel request went like this: “hello, i’m Daniel Jason O’Connor 49yrs old from london. i’m divorce with one daughter and she is 23yrs old already. i came accross ur profile here and really got attracted. i know i’ll not be the first to tell u that u are pretty but i’m sure i’m the first to tell u i like ur nose. can we be friends plz?”

Awwww, the first one to tell me he likes my nose! What a charmer!

But somehow I resisted.

And it’s a good thing I did, because my bubble has been totally burst by the news that all 39 of my friend requests are SCAMS.

Apparently it’s common for romance scammers to contact women, flirt with them, then have some emergency situation arise where they need money and want you to send it.

So Daniel O’Connor doesn’t really like my nose; Derrick Alfred from Florida didn’t randomly see my contact profile and “have the feelings that it would be nice to be friends with you hope you don’t mind”, Jerry Roux doesn’t think our hearts “can be bridged”, Lt General Berbero doesn’t actually want to steal my smile “for a minute”, and Patrick Barrera  “U.S Army General” isn’t really “interested in honest friendship”.


I haven’t been this disappointed since those naughty Nigerians didn’t send all the money they promised in that heart-wrenching email they sent me.

Has anyone tried to scam you lately?

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  1. I get loads of people wanting to improve the SEO on my blog. They are huge fans of my writing apparently, but have names like LoveAngel600 and rarely write in full sentences. I’m thinking sending them money would be a mistake. Noone has ever complimented my nose! Can’t help but have a moment’s jealousy 😉

  2. I just love the lower case “i”…what would a psychologist have to say about that? Lack of self esteem, or just failed English?
    I too have had similar e-mails…they “love your manly physic (sic) and want to kno you”. They obviously haven’t seen my photo!!
    Oh, and just this week, I was advised by John Hunter Esq. of London, England that I was the winner of the International Lottery for 10,000,000 UK pounds!
    Bow down before me you mere mortals! I am now “manly” and very wealthy…all I have to do is transfer 200 UK pounds to a bank account in Nigeria!

  3. Any info on jerry roux would be greatly appreciated as I believe I’m speaking to the same person

    1. Hi Rhonda, I don’t communicate with any of them, I just get their messages coming up on my Skype list. I’d proceed very carefully if I were you.

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