Yep, I’m cray-cray

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Thank you Neil Patrick Harris for adding the word “cray-cray” to my vocabulary.

Neil – who stars in How I Met Your Mother – used it to describe a fib that The National Enquirer told last week, which suggested he and his long-time partner were splitsville.

I am using it to describe the time and effort that has gone into the goodie/loot bags I’ve created for my youngest’s birthday party.

As the party is being held the week before Easter, I’ve given it a bunny theme.

And, as I am beyond cray-cray, verging on certifiable when it comes to the lengths I will go to with my kids’ parties, I have hired real bunnies to attend. (Yes, I’m one of those mothers.) We are also having an Easter egg hunt. Well, Easter egg and lollypop hunt, because the youngest inexplicably doesn’t like chocolate. Except if it’s white, or chips in cookies or ice-cream, or Oreos, or a milkshake …

The food will be Easter themed – bunny cookies, dutch carrots and dip, Easter buns, a numeral 7 birthday cake (milo-flavoured, not chocolate, with green icing and sprinkles on top) with 7 plastic bunnies prancing on it (Sprog 2’s idea, not mine – I think it’s just a ploy for more presents) …

The tablecloth, napkins, plates and cups are also Easter themed. God bless $2 shops.

And then there are the goodie bags. I started organising my loot for the goodie bags about a month ago. The final stuff arrived last night. Diamantie bunny necklaces from Hong Kong.

The rest is an eclectic mix – the cute goodie boxes and fuzzy chicks come from Woolies; the fuzzy bunnies are from Bed, Bath & Table; the little (much smaller than they looked in the picture) erasers are from ebay; Lindt chocolate bunnies; and fake grassy stuff from a $2 shop.

I’m forcing myself to stop now. I think that’s enough landfill for one party.

Have you ever gone to waaaaay to much effort for your child’s party? Spill. 

PS For more loot bag porn, check out my 10 Amazing Loot Bags blog.

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