Oooops. Thank gawd for bull bars.

I might have mentioned – once, twice, maybe 50 times – that my wardrobe is crammed with work clothes designed for someone in 2010 who was 5kg lighter than my current incarnation. Not quite the look I’m trying to project – even if I could squeeze into them – in my brave new digital workplace.

After two years in cargo pants I’m struggling – literally and metaphorically – to find stuff to wear to the office each day.

I actually strained a muscle in my shoulder last week while trying to shimmy into a tight top, then deciding it made me look like an over-stuffed sausage, and shimmying back out of it.

No, shimmying is the wrong word. It implies grace and sexiness. Thrashing is a more accurate description.

So, anyway, I was wheeling my shopping trolley – filled with rocket and skinless chicken breasts and low-fat yogurt – past Witchery yesterday, and I couldn’t resist hesitating for a sticky.

Ooooh, that’s a nice blue stripey top, I thought to myself.

So I parked the shopping trolley, wheels angled to the wall, and popped inside for a quick squiz.

One squiz lead to another, and before I knew it I was buying the blue and white stripey top, plus a nice green one. As I handed over my credit card I heard an ominous CRASH!

Heavens, I thought, what’s happened? I turned my head and realised my shopping trolley was no longer parked outside, wheels angled to the wall. It was gone.

I screeched and catapulted out the door to discover my grocery-ladened trolley had careened down the ramp and crashed into a kiddie ride. Fortunately the kiddie ride was unoccupied. It also worked in my favour that the kiddie ride was a jeep with a bull bar.

But still, the horrors that might have been.

I breathed a massive sigh of relief … until I returned to collect my purchases and the shop assistant suggested I lie low for a while until the consternation died down.

Oh. Really. You think I might be castigated? Publicly shamed?

Hmmmmm …

Ah, bugger it. I’ve got my nice, new tops. I need to pick the Sprogs up. Dirty looks be damned.

But … I might not park my shopping trolley on ramps while Witchery fossicking again.

Have you ever let a trolley run away?

8 thoughts on “Smash!

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  1. Oh dear. Time to start shopping online? A similar thing happened to me once with my pram! The bub was in my arms luckily, but the looks of horror on shoppers’ faces as the buggy rolled away then tipped over was priceless. A trolley would be noisier though!

  2. Oh dear! I had a bad trolley moment in the Turramurra Coles carpark (built on quite a steep slope). I had just rejoined the gym and could barely move after one of my first workouts and had to go sprinting at top speed to catch the thing before it ploughed into the side of someone else’s car.

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