Playing dress-ups: the “Daddy” costume

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My youngest has been obsessed with fashion from a very early age. At age two, she sat on my suede mocassins and refused to let me wear them because they looked like “Pop’s shoes”. This was pronounced with preternatural decisiveness.

Conversely, if I wear something new – that gets her thumb’s up – she always notices and comments appreciatively.

When it comes to her own attire, she’s equally attentive. If the other girls at school are rolling their ankle socks, she must too. Being on trend is very important to her.

I fear this may be a failing/source of angst during the teen years, but at the moment it’s a cute affectation.

It was particularly endearing last night when she emerged from the bedroom in a “Daddy” outfit.

Fez. Tick. Flannelette pyjamas, top unbuttoned. Tick. T-shirt underneath. Tick. Ugg boots. Tick. Exhausted expression. Tick.

Yep, pretty well sums up his attire/outlook when he’s not in work clothes.

What does your husband slouch around the house in?

7 thoughts on “Playing dress-ups: the “Daddy” costume

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  1. How funny. Mine both pretty clothes obsessed too. My son has a particular green fluoro singlet and maroon cord shorts combo that never goes out of style according to him (even when it is dirty).

  2. Go Sprog 2! She’s such a little style icon.

    Can’t believe you outed your husband ‘though. I’d kill my family if they outed what I wear around the house. It gives your husband’s ensemble a run for it’s money.

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