The week’s hottest Hollywood goss (plus some dirt on me)

Gossip is my hobby, a bit like stamp collecting or bird watching. Instead of hyperventilating over latest Cayman Islands Christmas collection or kingfisher sighting, I get excited about juicy Hollywood tidbits. It’s a hangover from editing Woman’s Day for six years. Oh, what am I talking about – I’ve always been a gossip junkie.

Terribly shallow, I know, but we all have our guilty pleasures.

Today the shoe is on the other foot – it’s me who’s in the spotlight. My awkwardly brief tenure at Mother and Baby magazine, cut short by an irate blog I wrote in support of Kathleen Folbigg, is the subject of a gossip column in The Sydney Morning Herald.

It’s one of the first times I’ve done anything controversial enough to warrant column inches – my life has normally been too nondescript to rate a mention. And I liked it that way. But I put myself out there with the blog and that’s the price I pay.

I take comfort in the knowledge that no one really cares about the trevails of journalists as much as other journalists do. I’m not exactly a household name – does anyone really give a hoot that social media lost me my job?

Hollywood happenings are far more salacious. Which brings me to this week’s HouseGoesHollywood round-up. Enjoy …

Ewwwwww … Remember how Modern Family star Ariel Winter‘s mother Chrystal Workman temporarily lost custody of her 14-year-old daughter to her 34-year-old daughter Shanelle Workman after she was accused of committing mental and physical child abuse?  Publicist Jonathan Hay  told Radar Chrystal asked him to leak naked pictures of Shanelle onto the internet as an act of revenge.

First pics of Michael Douglas in the Liberace biopic The Candelabra were released.

People magazine reported that “Miranda Kerr and longtime pal Leonardo Di Caprio joined a late-night dance party at new club Rosewood last Friday, partying with Cameron Diaz and a contingent of Australian models. Their meet-up at the club comes amid some tabloid reports that Victoria’s Secret model Kerr – who’s married to Orlando Bloom, 35, and gave birth to their son Flynn in 2011 – was getting flirty with DiCaprio. ”

Brandi Glanville told US Magazine that LeAnn Rimes isn’t fit to be around her children. She said her outburst was provoked by LeAnn posting a video of her youngest son riding a bicycle without a helmet and her eldest son becoming “extremely ill” after eating one of LeAnn’s laxatives by accident.

Chris Brown got stoned a lot on Twitter.

Olivia Newton John and John Travolta released a priceless video for “I Think You Might Like It”, the first single from their Christmas Duet album. The pair reunite in a field to perform some dance moves reminiscent of their Grease finale. It’s really quite something …

Taylor Swift had a few sleepovers with One Direction’s Harry Styles. Oooo0-er!

Buckingham Palace confirmed Princess Kate is having a baby.

Lindsay Lohan’s bank accounts were seized by the IRS. She owes them more than $233,000 in back taxes. She also insisted she didn’t punch a fortune teller in a nightclub.

Heidi Klum spent three hours bedazzling her face for her Haunted Holiday bash.

There’s a whole heap more (and lots of links) over at

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