You’re a scream

Sprog 1 turns 9 today. I can’t quite believe it. God help me, she’s a tween.

When she was born, she looked like this (enormous and cranky) …

And pretty much stayed that way for the next three months. I thought all babies wailed that much (until Sprog 2 came along and wailed much, much less).

Sprog 1 wailed in the hospital …

She wailed in our lounge room …

She wailed in our dining room …

She particularly enjoyed wailing in her bedroom.

I was very, very tired. So was she.

But I fell madly in love with her anyway.

Happy birthday gorgeous girl. I am deliriously, dizzily thrilled with you. And I always will be.

(Wow, seeing these photos is still so visceral. I can smell her, feel her hot, angry head in my hands, the soft skin on her back, the ridges in that singlet …)

8 thoughts on “You’re a scream

  1. Congratulations on 9 years. My Will (now aged 9) looked (and weighed) exactly the same but with blonde hair. Same expression. Do I also detect a white mark around her forehead from the caesar cut not quite being big enough?

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