Halloween Hollywood-style – 23 crazy celeb pics

I love this post from Housegoeshollywood so much – yes, yes, I’m biased –  I can’t help reblogging it here. Check out the Halloween pics celebs have been tweeting this week …

The Rock (aka Dwayne Johnson) made a great Hulk, posting on Twitter: ‘Don’t make angry. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry ~ The People’s Hulk #HappyHalloween.’

Katherine Heigl dressed as a corpse bride, with daughter Naleigh as a peacock (Katherine made the tutu herself!)

* The cast of US show The Talk fancied an Alice In Wonderland theme.Sara Gilbert was Alice, Julie Chen was the Mad Hatter, Sharon Osbourne was the Queen of Hearts, Aisha Tyler was the Cheshire Cat and Sheryl Underwood was the White Rabbit.

Ricki Lake channnelled old-school Cher for a Halloween-themed episode of The Ricki Lake Show.

Heidi Klum cancelled her Halloween party in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, so Gisele Bunchen decided to fill her shoes, dressing as Cleopatra for the night. Who do you think made the best Cleo?

Chris Brown, politically correct as usual, dressed as an arab and captioned his Twitter pic: “Ain’t nobody F@#king wit my clique!!!!#ohb”  (he’s the one in the middle btw…)

* Chris later went to a party with Rihanna, who looked like this.

* The fabulous Mariah Carey and her brood transformed into Goldilocks And The Three Bears.

Avril Lavigne dressed as a naughty sailor and tweeted: “Anchors away!”

Jessica Simpson‘s daughter was dressed up as a chicken on Halloween eve, but her mum tweeted: “Maxwell wanted to be a monkey too.”

Jennifer Lopez tweeted: “Here’s my costume! #HappyHalloween! My team and I had fun celebrating in Dusseldorf and Oberhausen! #peace&love!”

Neil Patrick Harris tweeted: “Happy Halloween everyone! Hope your tricking and treating gotcha lotsa booty! Here’s our family costume pic”

* “It feels like a perfect night” tweeted Selena Gomez

LeAnn Rimes and hubby Eddie Cibrian dressed as the stars of Grease.

Jack Osbourne donned his wife’s blue wig for this Twitpic.

Katy Perry went as Jane Lane with her best friend Shannon Woodward as Daria.

* Lady Gaga wrote on Twitter that she enjoyed dressing as ‘Princess High the Cannabis Queen’

* Elle Fanning dressed as the Statue Of Liberty for this Instagram shot.

Kim Kardashian posted this pic on Twitter, with the caption: “Our Bat Clique last night! Anthony, me, Kayne, Jonathan, Kourtney, Scott.

Hot Halloween clicks
* This may look like Nicki Minaj‘s Halloween costume, but it’s not …
This on the other hand is Bette Midler‘s Halloween costume (plusDebbie Harry‘s) and I’m scared …
* Oh, this is very funny … Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart dressed up as pensioners for Halloween.
Gwen Stefani dressed as Sandy from Grease for Halloween … a murdered Sandy, that is, with a fake, dripping bullet hole on the side of her head and a gash on her neck.

Sandra Bullock dressed as Jessie from Toy Story for Halloween, with her son Louis a miniature Buzz Lightyear. * Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson wore masks to a Halloween bash. Weird pics here. Yesterday’s best …

Celebrities never do anything by half measures and Halloween is no exception … * Jessica Simpson shared this photo of her five-month-old daughter Maxwell Drew – dressed as a chicken! – on her website yesterday, captioned “Happy Halloween!”.

Miley Cyrus dressed up as Nicki Minaj and even tweeted Nicki the picture to let her know, writing: ‘@NICKIMINAJ you a stupppppiddddd hoe #stupittttstupitttt’

Pink shared this cute childhood photo of herself on Instagram, dressed up for Halloween: “It wasn’t Bob Mackie, but it was pretty fabulous. I was always a clown!!!!”

Ellen Degeneres spoofed Sofia Vergara’s Emmys wardrobe malfunction on her show yesterday: “I am easy breezy beautiful CoverGirl from Colombia. Happy Halloween. As you can see, I put my pumpkins out,” Ellen said, affecting Vergara’s accent. “I get so much work with this fake accent,” she added.

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