Day four: land ahoy

Easter on a cruise to Auckland is cold, and I just keep growing older. I wish I could have known (croons) enough about computers to leave my iPad at home …. fabulous gadget, perfect for net surfing when wi-fi isn’t 65c a minute, but just a glorified typewriter for the next 13 days. Useful, mind you, for sending pretend emails to the Easter Bunny, asking him to drop the Sprogs’ booty at Nonna and Pop’s cabin. Sprog 1 didn’t get to sleep until around midnight on Good Friday, chronic insomniac, that one. There was no way I was staying up that late for Bunny deliveries. Even the prospect of the Macho, Macho Men gyrating in the glass lifts in the central lobby at 10.30pm couldn’t keep me from my bunk. After waking the olds nice and early – ah the joys of traveling with your extended family – came a frenzied egg hunt on the windswept mini-golf course, and now we’re about to disembark in Auckland. I expect everything will be shut, dammit, but I’m praying for a variety store so I can duplicate all the necessities I left at home like swimming goggles and water bottles and another box of Unisom (because boy am I gonna need it, sleeping on a creaky boat while a Sprog coughs her lungs up next to me is proving challenging (really looking forward to that lurgy taking me down for Tahiti). Not to mention a cheap internet cafe. Sister is full of hope that both things will be open, but I pointed out that anyone disembarking from a cruise ship at Circular Quay would walk a bloody long way to find a variety store, even without the major public holiday complication. I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Miracles do happen on Easter Sunday, after all.

PS currently sitting a NZ Irish pub across from a sports bar that purports to not serve Aussies. As it’s Easter Sunday, a “substantial” meal must be ordered to get alcohol. As we didn’t fancy a wok filled with wedges each, at the princely sum of $17.50 a wok (might as well pay 65c a minute to use the ship’s Internet facilities) we’re sulkily drinking Diet Cokes while using the pub’s free wi-fi.

4 thoughts on “Day four: land ahoy

  1. hmm, nothing i’ve read so far changing my mind about cruises even knowing that your tongue is a little in cheek as well as also slurping a butterscotch handmaiden (or whatever the g rated cocksucking cowboy is called on board). hope the weather warms up so you can flaunt your gym honed bikini body and spray tan before the all you can eat buffet settles somewhere unpleasant.

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