Breeding like rabbits

I’ve stuffed up my stuffed stuff for Easter. I forgot to change my email address on eBay when I left work last year. So the lovely folk at All Plush – the ultimate in internet porn for stuffed stuff lovers – have been sending fruitless messages, trying to tell me the Powder Puff Pet Carrier is no longer available (see I’d been crossly toe-tapping each day my precious bunny package didn’t arrive. I’d been cursing All Plush for their appalling service. I was all set to put a nasty review on eBay about them. Fortunately I checked my messages in the My Account bit of eBay first, and finally discovered the problem. Except now there are only seven working days left until Easter and All Plush are in California. I sent them an anxious message asking if there was time to change my order to a bunny puppet instead. While I waited for their reply I started to fret. I was sure they’d say they couldn’t guarantee delivery. So I blew a few more hours on the internet, searching for cute Aussie bunnies as back-up. This was tough. There were lots of garden-variety-cute bunnies, but no knock-it-out-of-the-park-cute bunnies. I’m a knock-it-out-of-the-park girl. Finally, I decided on two Yomiko Classic bunnies from Cosy Burrow. Cosy Burrow has done me good service in the past, so I had a 10% off voucher for my next purchase. Still, this did not make the bunnies cheap, so I hid their purchase on a secret credit card that Husband can’t access (please don’t let him read this blog post, please don’t let him read this blog post …) Phew, I thought, Easter bunny problem solved. Except All Plush have just emailed to say they’re moving heaven and earth to get my bunnies to me by Easter. Oh. Great. That’s so great. Thanks All Plush, you guys are awesome. Bugger. Now I have four bunnies winging their way to me. How many bunnies do two children who already possess more soft toys than there are sheep in New Zealand actually need? I will have to pick my favourites and give the others to kiddies as birthday gifts or something. But I can’t decide which should stay and which should go. If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll have a fair idea about the Sprogs and their fancies. Which bunny should I give each Sprog? Vote now … (erm, not the most intellectually stimulating thing to have a poll about, but how cool is it that I’ve learned to put polls in my blog? I’ve been feeling rather smirky about it, sitting here at the computer, previewing what they will look like.)

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  1. Uh oh…we have a standoff for Sprog 1!
    The “evil me” actually wanted to vote for the Fatal Attraction Bunny…!!

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