Winners and losers

I’m worried. The Twitterverse has been going bonkers with birds getting pedicures, blow-dries, spray tans etc for the Kidspot 50 Top Bloggers of 2012 party tonight. I meant to get a brow wax, lash tint and pedicure … but I didn’t quite get around to it. I’ll try and sort it for The Cruise next week. So I’m feeling massively underprepared and scruffy. Not having a back-up to my new Leona Edmiston dress, I’ve spent the last hour trying to cure my Michael Jacksonitis (aka blotchy, fading fake tan) with a pumice stone. I’ve done the best I can without removing skin, it will have to do. It’s a stark contrast to the way I used to prepare for what we describe in magland as “functions”. If it was a big event – back in the olden days when I was gainfully employed – I’d get professionally blow-dried and spack-filled beforehand. Then I’d swan off to hail a cab. Tonight it’s hair and make-up by moi, followed by a bus ride into town and a soggy hike to the party. Fortunately the free champagne remains unchanged. I’ll admit it was ill-advised – but fun – to share a bottle of wine with Husband over lunch. I have a cracking headache now, but it’s nothing a little hair of the dog won’t cure. Wish me luck! I’ll fill you in on all the goss tomorrow.

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