The Mag I Bought This Week Award (26/3/12) goes to …

When I worked in magland, punters who said they read Marie Claire and WHO because they thought it was the clarsy thing to say – not because they actually did – annoyed the bejezus out of me. Stand up and be proud of your monthly/weekly mag fix, I say, no matter how trashy it may be. Magazines are about escapism, not impressing people. So, I really didn’t want to choose WHO again this week, I wanted to share the love. But I don’t give a flying f about My Kitchen Rules. Never watched an episode, have no idea who they are. Well, I have a vague idea who Manu is, but not enough to care about his love life. WHO, on the other hand, has trotted out that weekly magazine classic – celebrities who are WASTING AWAY. The pics are absolutely frickin’ awesome. Melanie Griffith’s bony chest and legs … lordy! Eat something woman or you’ll resemble an Egyptian mummy sans bandages. Ooops, too late, you already do. Rachel Zoe? Meh, she’s a nutter. But still, that’s some freaky ribcage action she’s got going on. At the other end of the spectrum, Jessica Simpson’s calorific mac ‘n cheese diet means she resembles the girl who turned into a blueberry in Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, without the blueness. My smuthounds of choice, Lainey Gossip, tell me Jess charged a motza for the baby shower pics, so I’m pretty keen to see if they’re worth the dosh. Congratulations, WHO, I’m so looking forward to snuggling up with you tonight.

3 thoughts on “The Mag I Bought This Week Award (26/3/12) goes to …

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  1. I broke my dirty trash mag habit years ago Alana, but you’re making it hard for me to stay on the wagon. Confession: I’ve dabbled twice since you started this segment; but I’m not giving in to skinny stars. I’m NOT! I’m not….

    1. Hey, it’s a bloody hard call to make each week. I really don’t feel like buying any most of the time. But I really want to support the industry. I don’t like to see print media suffer the way it is. Melanie was pretty freaky too …

  2. The great thing about reading a magazine is that it’s a one-sided activity, unlike reading online where there is scope for ‘commenting’ and ‘liking’. I used to visit mamamia a heap – that’s where I found you – but it becomes exhausting following those stories and comments and it’s really bloody difficult to refrain from joining in. Those comment walls can get vitriolic.

    With the trashy mags, however, I just laugh, or hurumph or shake my head when I read something ridiculous.

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