Sunday Bloody Sunday

I’ll begin with an assurance: today’s blog isn’t a sequel to Friday’s post, entitled “Warning: This One’s About PMT”. That would be too much information about me. Which is saying something. But don’t get too comfy, because it’s actually about chook poo. Waaaay too much information about chook poo. Specifically bloody chick poo. Whenever I pick up our new silky chick, she shits blood. Possibly because she’s terrified. (Is “shits blood” an expression for fear? Or just for hemorrhoids? Or maybe I’m thinking of “shit scared”? Hmmmm.) But if poo like that came out of me, I’d be getting my affairs in order. In a panic, I consulted Dr Google. Husband was scathing – as usual – about my consulting Dr Google, although in this instance he preferred it to paying a real vet to treat a $10 chick. Numerous deadly diseases were suggested by Dr Google, and I was directed by web link to “Poo: The Chicken Keeper’s Guide” –  just in case you’ve got any of own bloody chook poo you’d like to compare. If you don’t, I’d suggest staying well away, because I had trouble keeping my dinner down. The “normal” poos were ok – not great – but the abnormal poos, ewwwww … it was also quite disturbing to read the site’s advice about removing bloody poos from the cage ASAP. I’m not sure if you recall my previous post about chooks and the scent of blood … but it tends to make them salivate. Well, that’s all from me for today, enjoy your brekkie!

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