Chickened out

It’s a bit sad (as in pathetic) how much I’m enjoying the supermarket. Today’s highlight: chatting to the Changeling’s mother (aka my neighbour). After hazily recognising each other from the almost-reversing-over-her-toddler-in-the-driveway incident last week, we struck up a conversation in the fruit and veg department. She seems very nice. Her name is Georgie (must remember: Georgie, Georgie, Georgie). We bonded over the chooks. Her: “Do you have chickens?”. Me (oh god, they’re waking her up too!): “Ahhh, yes, soooo sorry about the noise.” Her: “That’s ok, it’s just we thought we heard a rooster the other day.” Me: “No, no, just a horrified hen squeezing an enormous egg out of her clacker at 6am … anyway … how about that party on Saturday night?” Way louder than my chooks, huh? And so the conversation moved – thankfully – on to revenge tactics we’d plotted. Her husband settled on mowing the lawn at 7am but, like us, chickened out (no prawns purchased at the supermarket today). Georgie (Georgie, Georgie) may not have found the story of Husband and I thinking she had a changeling for a baby as funny as I did (will I never learn when to shut up?), but I think progress has been made on the neighbourliness front. I even offered to take in the mail next time she goes away. Moving on to the meat section, I enjoyed a jovial exchange with a school dad about the conjunctivitis that was spread plague-like through his household by his sprogs. Wound up with a natter to Sprog 1’s best-friend’s mum about the desperate hours spent searching for gumboots for a school excursion to the swamp today (finally sourced from Bunnings for $20, never to be worn again). Who needs work for adult conversation? This, now this is living.

TONIGHT’S MENU: Weird advertorial recipe I found that involves wrapping salmon fillets and spinach dip in pastry (am trying to get more omega 3s into the Sprogs’ diet). Recipe turned out to be a hit with the Sprogs, who requested to have it again tomorrow. So, here it is …

Salmon sausage rolls

1 sheet of puff pastry, 1 egg (beaten), 300-500g of salmon fillet cut into 4 “matchstick” shapes (long rather than fat or the pastry won’t wrap around them), 1 tub of spinach, cashew & parmesan dip.

Pre-heat oven to 200c, cut pastry into quarters. Place salmon matchsticks on pastry. Top with 2 tsps of dip. Roll in pastry. Brush with beaten egg. Cook in oven til golden. Serve with veg!


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  1. haha, I like you having to repeat her name over and over. I am SOOOOOOO bad at names…it terrifies me to bump into people that I might then have to introduce to someone else (my mind always goes completely blank)

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