Keeping it real

Now this is more like it. Bugger swanning around in France and Spain. Grocery shopping in Northbridge, that's where it's at. Recycled toilet paper, a barbecued chook, a nod and smile to someone who seems to know me, but who I can't place for love or money. Ah, the real world. Bliss. Actually, I was a... Continue Reading →

Chickened out

It's a bit sad (as in pathetic) how much I'm enjoying the supermarket. Today's highlight: chatting to the Changeling's mother (aka my neighbour). After hazily recognising each other from the almost-reversing-over-her-toddler-in-the-driveway incident last week, we struck up a conversation in the fruit and veg department. She seems very nice. Her name is Georgie (must remember: Georgie, Georgie, Georgie).... Continue Reading →

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