Some like it hot

I am mourning the last warm days until spring. I was so cold yesterday that I wore ugg boots and put the bar heater on while I worked.

I’ve become a summer person in my middle age.

I also felt like having a comforting soup for my lunch, in particular I fancied a Vietnamese chicken pho. But my neighbourhood let me down. I wandered to the two Vietnamese restaurants nearby, but neither sold soup.

I ended up at a Chinese dumpling place, where I ordered a wonton noodle soup that was VERY delicious. I need to take the kids back there soon, the dumplings were fab.

The yearning for soup was because thought I was coming down with a cold. But I think it was just fatigue from a turbulent, flat-chat weekend. The soup cheered me up, then I went for a walk with my friend Mel last night, which exorcised the last of the mope out of me.

We decided to combine window shopping with perambulating and chitter chattering – a therapeutic combination.

I find myself rattled by the sudden death of Masterchef host Jock Zonfrillo at age 46.

It’s a sharp reminder that we never know what the future holds. The here and now is so precious – as are the people in it.

I have several friends who have lost loved ones recently. My heart is aching for them.

That might also be why I felt a bit off yesterday.

Fly high. Rest in peace.

And to those who are grieving; I am not a hugger, but I promise to hold you tight if you need one.

Song of the day: The Power Station “Some like it hot”

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