That made me laugh

Facebook is a bit boring these days, don’t you reckon?

Way too many ads and “suggested for you” posts.

But it made me laugh twice yesterday.

The first was this video of Kevin Bacon doing Mick Jagger.

Love it.

The second was video about a When Harry Met Sally sequel, starring Billy Crystal and Helen Mirren. It’s been around for years, but somehow I only watched it now.

How had I missed it?

I also had loads of laughs with my friend Mel to celebrate her 50th. We go out for semi-regular Monday night walks and this one came the day after her big 5-0, so we finished with a glass of champers at my local pub.

I felt so smiley afterwards.

I’m not so smiley this morning due to the dogs still adjusting to daylight savings and barking and scrabbling at the laundry door at 6am to be let out.

Grrrr. Better go before they wake the whole block up!

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  1. my Facebook feed is a mess…I just follow, because well, I have to…there are a few friends distant friends still connected, but i see more of them on STRAVA or Instagram…….

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