I must have it!

I am usually a morning person, but the spring is missing from my step when I rise.

I sigh as I face the responsibilities of the day: walking the dogs, working for nine hours, cooking dinner, paying bills, making appointments …

I’m not entirely sure why it’s getting me down at the moment, maybe it’s daylight savings ending or how much sharper than a serpent’s tooth it is to have thankless teenage children or how hard it is to return to work after a lovely Tassie getaway.

There is a sense of dread that life is passing by too fast and I’m not making the most of it. Too many chores, not enough fun.

DD was sent an offer a few days ago for a huge discount on an expedition cruise that included swimming with the whale sharks at Ningaloo Reef.

The huge discount was because someone had cancelled at the last minute and the cruise departs next Wednesday. Not really practical, although a very good use of annual leave due to Good Friday and Easter Monday.

We have been agonising for days about whether we should go, but I think we will probably, mournfully admit to each other this morning that the timing isn’t right.

Oh, how I want to go! It’s like my adult version of running away to the circus.

Instead I will probably buy a lottery ticket and wish I could make a bid on this place at auction

It’s at Great Mackerel Beach, which is across Pittwater from DD’s place.



Although, not exactly the easiest place to grab a coffee as it’s only accessible by boat … or to visit the specialist in my old age.

Gotta go. There is a dog growling and scratching at the laundry door, demanding to be let out for his morning walk, so I’d better stumble out from under the covers before he starts barking the apartment block down.

Have a great weekend and let me know if you have any midlife crisis cures to share with me.

Maybe a sunrise viewing and an ocean splash will help …

Song of the day: Everly Brothers “All I have to do is dream”

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  1. I definitely hear you, except replace the dog walking with tending to guinea pigs with various ailments. But everything else, same! Fingers crossed for the lottery win – that house is amazing!

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