It’s a slippery slope

Becoming a dog owner is a slippery slope.

You start by naming the first one something traditional, like Charlie. Then you get creative with the second one and name them something non-traditional, like Bilbo.

OK, maybe that’s just me.

Pretty soon you find yourself coming home after work and cooing “Hello my little Princess Poochie Woo!”

Is that just me as well?

But the love affair ends at around 5.15-5.30am each morning when my infuriating little mutts start scratching madly on the laundry door to be let out for the day.

The laundry door is right next to my bedroom, so I have no hope of getting back to sleep, but I steadfastly ignore the scratching because if I let them out they will start scratching earlier and earlier every day.

Sometimes it escalates to impatient barking as well and I have to get up and let them out so they don’t wake up the kids.

Those mornings are very, very annoying as I would much prefer to be blogging while lying in bed rather than sitting bleary eyed on the sofa.

Coupled with the stresses of moving house, parenting and working full time, it is making me so tired that I feel a bit unwell.

I am limping through to Christmas when I can have a proper break somewhere that I can’t hear the scratching.

My exhaustion levels aren’t being helped by the PR industry going crazy with drinks events at the moment,

Last night I drank Tia Maria Matcha Coladas and ate karage chicken at a restaurant/bar called Monster Sushi in Sussex Street, Sydney.

The Matcha Coladas featured Tia Maria Matcha, Mount Gay Black Barrel Rum and pineapple juice. They were pretty yummy.

I was supposed to go to the event with my matcha-loving friend Claudia, but she sent me a very scary photo of herself in hospital with a neck brace after being involved in a car accident.

Poor Claudia! Fortunately she’s going to be ok and just has whiplash.

Luckily another friend agreed to take her place and got to burn the bejesus out of her mouth with me while eating takoyaki octopus balls straight out of the deep fryer.

Matcha is a Japanese green tea powder. The brand manager explained to us last night that it has lots of health benefits because it’s filled with antioxidants, which Google tells me may lower blood pressure, reduce your risk of heart disease, and even boost your metabolism.

I wonder if that is still the case in something that also has an ABV of 17%?

There are another two events this week in my diary and then the PR I spoke to last night reckons things will quieten down until after Christmas.

In the meantime, the PR was kicking off again at 6am this morning, supervising an activation at a Westfield.

Maybe my dogs should sleep in her laundry as furry alarm clocks?

Song of the day: Green Day “Time of your life”

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